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Topic: Dice Dilema
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Sep 28, 2017 02:08AM)
I need dice that float.and dice that sink. I can't seem to find any floaters anywhere. Any suggestions how I could make them myself?

Thank you,
Jake Jr.
Message: Posted by: rhiro (Oct 3, 2017 01:28AM)
I'd try drawing up solid and hollow models in CAD then 3D printing them.
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Oct 6, 2017 08:43AM)
I just sprung for an injection mold going to have them injected. 10,000 pieces should hold me for awhile. Thank you though for replying to my inquriety.
Message: Posted by: rhiro (Oct 8, 2017 09:28PM)
Wow, Jake, I wasn't thinking production quantities, I thought you were just looking for a prototype. In any case, good luck with this, sounds interesting!