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Topic: Carny cartomancy...
Message: Posted by: John C (Sep 30, 2017 04:28PM)
Become an instant expert at reading playing cards with the Carny Cartomancy system!

Any thoughts?


CC can be performed with ZERO MEMORISATION, yet you will be able to instantly provide a detailed meaning or interpretation for every card in the deck. Once you understand how the system works, it will stick with
you forever.

You can use Carny Cartomancy for:

General use - Single card readings to fill gaps in routines or effects.

Outs - If you perform a psychological force and it fails, Carny Cartomancy can be used as an out.

Propless Cartomancy - No deck? No problem. You can provide readings using a deck imagined by your spectator.

And much more!

Within these pages you will find the simplest and quickest way of learning the system, plenty of tips and advice and an effective, up to date three card spread that is certain to replace the age old "past,
present, future" spread.

"The main reason why I put this system together was so that I could glance at a card and instantly be able to explain a/the meaning behind it. I wanted to be instantly prompted with something different to say for every card in the deck, without having to memorise anything. I now use the Carny Cartomancy system every time I perform mentalism with playing cards." - Lewis Le Val.

Format: PDF, 19 pages.
Message: Posted by: John C (Sep 30, 2017 08:11PM)
OK, since no one else spoke up I took the plunge. I have zero patience.

I love cartomancy and have many other offerings. I like this. It's simple, direct, and fun.

If you are just getting started in this area this is a good way to get going instantly. It's a jumping off point. Could be a good method for simple card workers that want to add a little more substance to their revaltions.

And you can certainly learn more in-depth/complex methods later.

I like it. I'll use it.

Another good Lewis purchase.
Message: Posted by: Caveman (Oct 1, 2017 12:57PM)
Thanks for the review, I was wondering about this release. I'm curious, do LeVal's card meanings echo traditional playing card meanings? Or are his completely unique?

Message: Posted by: John C (Oct 1, 2017 03:13PM)
Yes and no. Some could be construed as the same but then again it depends on what you define as conventional playing card divination.

Because if it was like traditional playing card meanings he would have nothing.

It is interesting and if you read what I said above and want to do this then it's good.

If you are a purist and want the traditional technical stuff then you may already have it.

Our own IAIN has his own method, Julian Moore has a great course on reading playing cards.

https://yourcardreading.com/ angelo here has some interesting stuff.

It's all helpful and different.

I usually go for it all being a follower of this stuff and an aficionado of playing card readings.

With Lewis offering you really will be able to almost instantly give a short reading.

If you want more technical in depth stuff then ....
Message: Posted by: Caveman (Oct 2, 2017 02:03AM)
I go for it all too, and will buy this shortly as my curiosity tends to get the better of me. I own several of Iain's books, which I would consider pretty unique approaches, as well as Julian's who prescribes fairly traditional meanings to the cards. I like both for sure as having a multi faceted oulook on the cards only strengthens a reading.

John, did you see my recent posts in spooky and penny regarding cartomancy and the order of the magi; they have their own system and a multitude of books on it, have you read any and/or have any insight into the "order"?
Message: Posted by: Amirá (Oct 3, 2017 07:34AM)
[url=https://carnycartomancy.blogspot.cl/]Lewis Le Val-Carny Cartomancy[/url] can be a great introduction to practical Cartomancy for Mystery Performers. Such a fantastic skill to have to create a mysterious experience for our participants.

At Mentalism Center we are offering the "Plus" edition, which includes for free my CARD System, which is my own way to do Cartomancy based in the Humanistic Psychology Theory, which fits perfectly into the dynamic of a reading.

Message: Posted by: Caveman (Oct 3, 2017 08:38AM)
Thanks for letting us know about your offering Amira, I'm looking forward to checking it out.
Message: Posted by: Jerskin (Oct 27, 2017 05:47PM)
Anyone else?
Message: Posted by: Adrien L. (Oct 27, 2017 05:54PM)
I'm a big fan of Lewis, but honestly I feel this one is a bit uninspired... The blurb is accurate, but I expected more from the guy who wrote ICAIS 1 and 2, the diary of a travelling man and Praecantrix.
Message: Posted by: Jerskin (Oct 27, 2017 07:58PM)
I look forward to his Penguin Live lecture, maybe he'll tip this