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Topic: Re:Doug Henning
Message: Posted by: Magicgarney (Apr 13, 2004 08:35PM)
Hi! I'm new to the forums and have a very specific question regarding the late Doug Henning. I am currently a college student at Oswego State University in New York and am enrolled in a class about Zen Buddhism. We have recently been assigned a project/paper that examines a person/idea etc. related to Buddhism.

Naturally, being a magician, I immediately recalled Doug Henning's work towards Veda Land - the Buddhist based theme park. Maharishi and magician Doug Henning announced plans for a $1 billion, 450-acre theme park in Florida that would combine new magic technology and Transcendental Meditation.

The problem is there is not much information available on this topic because it has yet to be built. If anyone could help me with finding information or contacting anyone about Doug Henning and his experiences with Buddhism/Veda Land please reply (or PM me if you know some way to contact an individual that could help me)

Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 14, 2004 06:30AM)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Maharishi, Doug Henning's guru, was Hindu and Vedaland was to be a Hindu themed park. Though Buddhism was an outgrowth of Hinduism they are not the same.

Message: Posted by: Magicgarney (Apr 14, 2004 04:51PM)
Thanks Mark! I guess I was way off on that one. Not to familiar with those religions, but I thought it had something to do with Zen which is why I thought it would be a good choice. Oh well...I'll have to think of something else to research. Any other Zen and Magic related topics I could research?
Message: Posted by: kerpa (Apr 16, 2004 10:11PM)
I think Jay Sankey has written on presentation and claimed it has had ties to Zen, but I am not sure one way or the other how authentic the Zen part is. I think he wrote a book about Zen and monologue presentation. Perhaps he has a web site you could check out. Also, I am pretty sure Eugene Burger has written about Zen and magic. You may want to check to see if he has a web site.
Message: Posted by: Mark Rough (Apr 19, 2004 06:33AM)
Eugene's site: http://www.magicbeard.com

Also check out his book, "The Experience of Magic." There's some stuff in there that might be of use to you.


I'm not sure if he put much more out. I believe he died in a traffic accident a few years back though.

If you start a new topic with his name as the heading you'll probably get more info though.

Message: Posted by: Tom Rudan (Apr 19, 2004 05:31PM)
Thanks for your help Mark. I will do
Message: Posted by: Magicgarney (Apr 19, 2004 08:23PM)
I've looked into the above suggestions and it seems like it will be a promising topic to research. Thanks for the help!