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Topic: 2 New Releases this year!
Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Oct 17, 2017 10:17AM)
I can now announce that I will have two brand new items from www.MentalismTools.com at my booth this year.
More info as we get closer to Nov 12.

And I'm really excited with the line-up this year - it's going to be a fantastic few days!

Message: Posted by: docbarnes (Nov 2, 2017 09:02PM)
Is Devious Aspirations one of your new release or are there two more still to come?

Message: Posted by: eSamuels (Nov 3, 2017 10:39PM)
Yes, Devious Aspirations is one of the two new releases.
I've posted more about this release in Latest & Greatest.

The Second item is a new billet box / switching device called LBBB, which allows you to switch a (locked) box of billets without ever touching it. And you (or an audience member) can then turn the box over and dump out the contents, leaving an empty box - yet only your force billets will fall out!