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Topic: Any writers here? :)
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Oct 22, 2017 07:29PM)
Would you be interested in this?


We've done some "Storytime"s in the NVMS forum but this would be a more involved exercise- more character/concept consistency geared. Let me know if you'd like to participate. I'm thinking Hallowe'en themed so I'm going to start writing soon... :bat:
Message: Posted by: griffindance (Jan 27, 2018 04:11AM)
I am sorry to kick off with a "Oh my god! This is ********!" comment but... (insert previous exclamation)

We can all read the same books, we are all attempting to fool our audiences eyes while breaking the same laws of logic, we can all practice the same sleights and techniques, but our presentation is what distinguishes one magician from a marvellous, master prestidigitator. The way in which we present our illusion is what makes the magician.

So why would we share these ideas from initial concept before we have already used them for our presentation?

As a dramaturg and choreographer I see the need to workshop ideas. However this takes place between the creative team. Those who work on the show, receive credit and income from the presentation of these ideas. The creative team is chosen based on their education and experience and the show survives or sinks based on how well the team conceive and present the show.

Why would we help polish someone else's production when we receive nothing of the proceeds of our labour?

Workshopping ideas is the fun, creative aspect of putting a show together but "crowd-sourcing" on an open forum is like that friend asking you to do a two hour performance for free because "maaaate, c'mon. I can't afford to pay for a professional!"

Why would you ask professionals to share their work skills (skills they use in order to pay their mortgage) for free?

Plus, if you need help with your initial concept... ask yourself if the performing/creative arts is really the vocation for you!?
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Feb 7, 2018 07:45PM)
Great that you're asking the right questions about story elements and looking for more focused examples from the images you like. That's not trixter work. That's the craft of the storyteller.

Working from a collection of pictures or sentimental notes is a way of eliciting art - be it a painting or a collage or a story to tell while doing a magic trick. Finding the match between the images that inspire you, the pets you remember, the animals you've seen... and a magic trick you might like to perform is its own challenge.

What about the buzzards on the roof? What of the rug with deer and a red sky? What about the broom... maybe after all those years and generations of use it got used as the stick you made into a wand?

You've got the materials and character. Rows of coins or donuts - tales of cats or a poem... What stories do those animals tell? What can you show of those stories with the props and images you like?

It's your show. There are other bookshelves with opinions about writing drama, acting, production design... in the library. :)
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Mar 5, 2018 12:01AM)
[i]In his Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. (1791), James Boswell reports that Johnson"uniformly held to that strange opinion, which his indolent disposition made him utter: 'No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.'"

Then Boswell adds, "Numerous instances to refute this will occur to all who are versed in the history of literature."[/i]



Message: Posted by: griffindance (Mar 7, 2018 06:38AM)
Couldn't agree more... ethically.

The process of writing (researching, developing, editing, re-editing) is entirely for my own benefit. The subject may be influenced by others, but the process is by and for myself.

However since Real Life considerations need to be taken into account (buying food, paying rent/mortgage, etc) the sharing of my product requires an exchange. If someone is going to earn money from my work, why shouldn't I receive a percentage. Its only money afterall, why shouldn't it be shared!?!

Since this is an open forum, any ideas and information found here may be exploited as the user wishes. Im happy to help other artists, but Im no longer eager to be exploited anymore.

Money is a poor excuse to put imagination into reality but for those who have no respect for the work involved, money is a good consolation.
Message: Posted by: magicalaurie (Mar 7, 2018 12:54PM)
How do you think I was going to earn money from this? Do you think that I have? I've got news for you, then. Have you considered that you've misinterpreted the intent of the OP? You know, I find somewhat concerning the rarity of an individual attempting even vaguely to understand what I am communicating before flying off the handle at me with nothing more than assumptions. If you've followed the links provided, you've seen, we've previously written stories here at the Café, together, for FUN. This was not a work project. It was to have some fun with the community at the Café for Hallowe'en. Foreign concept, I suppose, but you're way off target in assuming I was attempting to exploit. It was an invitation to participate in an interactive writing exercise. It was originally posted in the Not Very Magical, Still- where we do fun things sometimes- and brought here to extend reach to some who might be more specifically interested.
Message: Posted by: griffindance (Mar 8, 2018 05:15PM)
Where did I suggest Ms Magical Laurie ws the one I was concerned about pilfering my magical concepts.

Perhaps, since this is off topic, I'll get around to sending a PM. Therefore leaving the forum to continue...