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Topic: Review: The Poor Mage's Billet System by Christopher Taylor
Message: Posted by: Stunninger (Oct 28, 2017 12:16PM)
I really like The Poor Mage’s Billet System.

The system uses half business cards, and may be used for a wide variety of effects, including drawing duplications, one-on-one readings, Q&A themed routines, name, star sign or number revelations and more.

Where some methods or techniques provide only a very quick p**k, with The Poor Mage's Billet System you get more of a long gaze at the information.

Your audience member(s) participating in the routine may write anywhere on their card (no lines with an X or boxes required).

Once the subject writes down their thought the card is folded once in half, sealed with a paper clip and set down in open view for the remainder of the effect.

Depending on the routine you use, after a time delay / logical disconnect, you can then reveal the thought or drawing written down.

Christopher calls the s*w*t** an open one, and it is just that. The dirty work occurs right under the spectator’s nose, yet is completely hidden with moves that are natural and easy to execute.

With this delightful system there is no need to go to your pockets, no need to turn around, no requirement for envelopes or wallets. Everything occurs in front of the participant, right under their nose.

At the current price of $14.95 The Poor Mage's Billet System is an absolute steal. You receive a 17 page PDF with high quality photographs and a 5 minute 45 second supplemental video teaching you the moves. The quality of the instruction is superb.