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Topic: Not the same cups
Message: Posted by: Doc Svengali (Oct 30, 2017 12:57PM)
I recently had the opportunity to compare the Penguin copper cups to the Magic Makers Chrome cups. Discussion on this forum in the past has implied these are essentially the same cups. They are not.

The two sets of cups have a distinctly different profile. The Penguin cups are tapered to look wider and look "chubbier" while the Magic Makers Chrome cups are leaner in profile and taper. They have identical height. The Penguin cups have a deeper and wider saddle than the Magic Makers Chrome cups. The penguin cups are slightly wider at the lip but significantly wider skirt and lower side walls. The penguin cups will take some lacrosse balls but not others. In fact, they will take some but not others of the identical brand and model. I had a set of four Champion lacrosse balls; two fit while two did not. The Magic Makers Chrome cups will not even come close to taking a lacrosse ball. The largest they will take is a 2 3/8 inch juggling ball.

The othe noteworthy difference is in weight. In spite of the fact that the penguin cups have a wider profile and capacity, they are distinctly lighter than the Magic Makers Chrome cups. The set of penguin cups weighed 11 ounces on my postal scale; the Magic Makers Chrome cups weighted 13 ounces. While not significant, subjectively the Magic Makers Chrome cups felt like they had more heft in handling, even before cups were weighed.

The other noted difference was that the Magic Makers Chrome cups had a significantly cleaner and more finished looking interior than the penguin cups.
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Nov 2, 2017 03:58AM)
I know the factory where both these cups are spun, both come from Magic Makers. The differences are irrelevant really because the same company produces them. Incase you didn't know Murphy's Magic + Magic Makers = Penguin Magic. Penguin could very well be called a Shell company for the two others.
The cups are just 2 different designs by Magic Makers, I'm pretty sure. Despite that I'm glad to see Magic Makers are making some nice cups at a very reasonable price. They finally got a grip on quality control as I know others who have the cups and they all look the same, even beads, good plating. Even the
copper Penguin cups are looking better than ever. You can't beat the price either. You can't spin a set of cups like that in the US for what they sell them for. Not too long ago I won a set of Penguin copper cusp on ebay and was surprised how much better they were from when my dad bought his set 14 years

Mad Jake Jr.
Message: Posted by: Doc Svengali (Nov 2, 2017 12:41PM)
I did not realize that Murphy's Magic, Magic Makers and Penguin were the same company. I was surprised that I could find no defects on the Penguin copper cups and found they had a very crisp, clean line. They stacked/nested exceedingly well, and I am aware that this has been a problem in the past. I was, however, a bit disappointed that the Penguin cups weighed in at about 3.67 ounces each, when they are advertised to be 4.45 ounces each.