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Topic: Holiday sale by Hector Chadwick?
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 26, 2017 05:43PM)
Anybody else seen this crazy pricing on Hector's work?

Message: Posted by: docbarnes (Nov 26, 2017 06:09PM)
How do you get to a description of his work?
Message: Posted by: Orlan (Nov 26, 2017 10:27PM)
I've been telling myself "I'll get those someday". Well, today was that day.

Doc, if you go to https://hectorchadwick.co.uk/ you can click on the items individually and read their description.
Message: Posted by: Waters. (Dec 12, 2017 07:51PM)
I bought these right away. Thanks for the public service announcement!

Message: Posted by: Psy (Dec 23, 2017 05:12PM)
What is the special price?