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Topic: Name?
Message: Posted by: Kannible (Apr 17, 2004 12:52AM)
Is there a certain name for a basic magician silk, like one used in vanishing silk? It can get expensive buying from a shop, but I would rather instead, go to a craft store and getting that same material for a cheaper price.

Thanks... Kyle
Message: Posted by: Shane Wiker (Apr 17, 2004 01:10AM)
You can get them for only $2 each at:


BTW is this for the competition or the birthday show? I would not recommend making them. They fray quickly, don't fold easily and are a lot harden to make (you have to sew the edges to make it look half decent).
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 17, 2004 01:43AM)
Won't your boss at the magic shop sell them to you for cost.

You cannot buy pure silk at a fabric or craft store. The silk at Fabric stores are very heavy weight and for blouses and skirts.
Message: Posted by: Ron Reid (Apr 17, 2004 07:50AM)
Hi Kyle:

I agree that you're probably better off buying from a magic shop/dealer. Shane said it - it's really hard to sew the hems on silk.

I live in the Phoenix area, and there is an upscale fabric store in town that sells the silk used in magic (they sell 8 momme). They refer to it as "China Silk" and it is expensive. I've bought from them to have special things made like a Zombie cloth and Seance cloth, but have found it cheaper and easier to buy standard silks from a magic dealer.

I imagine that Las Vegas will have similar upscale fabric shops available, if that's what you really need. Be sure to ask if a shop sells "China Silk" when checking around.

Message: Posted by: Darkwing (Apr 18, 2004 07:05PM)
Go with the silks from a good magic dealer. I think Annie's Magic Shop on the web has some good prices on silks and try Laflin's Magic. They too have a website.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 18, 2004 07:35PM)
As posted earlier 8 Momme is too heavy for silk magic, except as use for a foulard. P&A uses 8 mm and I cannot use any silks this heavy for sleight of hand productions. This is of course just my opinon. Others may not mind this and disagree with me.

On the other hand Laflin import silks are to thin and the colors are not as bright as they could be.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Apr 18, 2004 09:24PM)
I make both 6 and 8 momme silks. 6 momme is a good thin silk but still has a good weave to it so that it will hold up with repeated use.

It is my understanding Ade Duval used a 3 or 4 momme silk which was why he always had to replace it from wearing out. Also it is very hard to find silk much lighter than 5 momme today because it is so thin that is it is very flammable. And believe it or not, they do not make silk just for magicians. I think a lot of Duane's silks are in the 5 momme weight.

8 momme is a very good silk to use on 20th century, color changing silks, blendos,, streamers and large square where tight packing space is not a problem. Usually on Zombie foulards, I use three layers of 8 momme to keep it non transparent.

It is very difficult to properly hem silk. The best way to hem silk is to double turn and hem it. That seals the loose edges inside. You must also use the correct thread if you plan to dye it and the correct tension and needle to sew it.
Message: Posted by: x303 (Apr 19, 2004 12:55AM)
At some fabric shops, they have a room with good sewing machines! Or ask the people working there, they can find you someone who can sew perfect hems for you, sometimes cheap!