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Topic: Scripting Magic vol 1 and vol 2
Message: Posted by: DiegoNovati (Nov 27, 2017 02:52PM)

I have just received an email from Vanishing Inc about the new book from Pete McCabe (vol 2) and the publish of an enhanced version of the volume 1 released in 2007.
The two books will be ship the 4th December.

I loved the first book, I cannot wait to read the new one.
Message: Posted by: GreenKnight33 (Nov 27, 2017 03:04PM)
Just ordered the deluxe edition! Their sale is still going on so I also got three additional effects for free.

Can't wait to dig in.
Message: Posted by: malamoney (Nov 27, 2017 03:07PM)
Me too!!!
Message: Posted by: DiegoNovati (Nov 27, 2017 04:04PM)
I have ordered the deluxe edition too !
Message: Posted by: DiegoNovati (Dec 3, 2017 04:52AM)
Bad news: no delivery of the books as from the email received yesterday.
On the web site the deluxe edition has not anymore release date, so we have to wait.
Message: Posted by: GreenKnight33 (Dec 5, 2017 01:09AM)
Just got notice from Penguin that it went out today
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Dec 15, 2017 01:41PM)
A friend of mine got his from Vanishing Inc the other day. We compared vol 1 as best we could over the phone. He has the new (he opted for the deluxe edition) and I have the original vol 1. The books are the same size but his is a hair thicker. It turns out there are only 6 new pages in the new Vol 1. In his opinion, there were probably more than 6 pages worth of illustrations and pictures. For an example, page 97 of the old version is where the Eugene Burger “silent script” starts. In the new one it starts on page 100 if I remember correctly.

I’m hoping someone who has both can do a real comparison side by side to see if it is worth getting the new vol 1 to go with vol 2 (I am not interested in the deluxe). I thought I read somewhere that vol 1 was revised a bit along with the addition of illustrations but only 6 pages (for the amount of illustrations) doesn’t seem like a lot of real estate for revision unless maybe they tightened up the font a bit.

I will be getting Vol 2 regardless, but if someone has both editions of vol 1, please post your thoughts on the two or PM me and let me know. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Feb 2, 2018 04:07PM)

Title: Scripting Magic
Creator: Pete McCabe
Publisher: Vanishing Inc
MSRP: $ 50

Manufacturer's Write Up:

When Scripting Magic was first released in 2007, it was an immediate, surprise sensation. Magicians around the world, hungry for ways to improve their magic, were thrilled to have a volume dedicated to the vital question: what do you say when you perform? Written by Pete McCabe and including contributions from 26 of magic's best thinkers and most experienced performers, Scripting Magic zipped through three printings and has been unavailable for years.

Vanishing Inc. is proud to publish the definitive edition of Scripting Magic. This new version, expanded with illustrations, contains fantastic magic from luminaries like John Lovick, Jon Armstrong, Max Maven, and David Regal, and covers the process for creating memorable presentations. You'll learn how to write, edit, and perform compelling magic in this one-of-a-kind exploration into the presentation of magic.
462 Pages
43 Scripts
30 Tricks
Fully illustrated
Contributors: Michael Ammar, Jon Armstrong, Bruce Barnett, Rafael Benatar, Eugene Burger, Michael Close, Bob Farmer, Paul Green, Eric Henning, Guy Hollingworth, Larry Jennings, Mark Joerger, Kenton Knepper, Jonathan Levit, John Lovick, Max Maven, Eric Mead, Séan O'Néill, Gary Ouellet, David Regal, Jim Steinmeyer, Vic Sussman, Jamy Ian Swiss, Teller, Joe M. Turner, and Larry White.

Video review: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2IGtbvpkh0
Message: Posted by: landmark (Feb 2, 2018 08:15PM)
Thanks for the great review. They are fantastic books. Seems like they are flying under the radar for some reason.
Message: Posted by: Jake Austin (Feb 5, 2018 07:31PM)
I’m re-reading Scripting Magic 1. Great book! Now we need to convince Vanishing Magic to re-release “The Dark Card.” It has a very interesting write up in Scripting Magic.
Message: Posted by: SleightlyCurious (Jun 19, 2018 02:04PM)
Can anyone tell me If the deluxe set worksheets are "worth" the extra £50 as Penguin and Vanishing hasn't exactly been forthcoming when I asked the same question - first time ever as both usually have top notch customer services.

I would just like to know if the worksheets add anything significant to the content / knowledge as a whole or if its just "a little bonus".
Message: Posted by: DiegoNovati (Jun 19, 2018 02:35PM)
You can buy the two volumes and you have the same content except some printed paper (that you can download from the web site and print by yourself)