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Topic: Canadian book collectors.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 1, 2017 11:22PM)
Gents, Im wondering if there are any book collectors here. I would be happy to hear about your collections and how long youve been doing it.
Shipping is very expensive to Canada. It is difficult to find books sometimes as a result.
Would love to discuss book collecting with fellow Canadians.
Message: Posted by: RobMagus (Dec 1, 2017 11:59PM)
I check every used bookstore I can find whenever I'm travelling anywhere! I also have friends and family that I can have things shipped to, and then pick up next time I visit. There are also cross-border shipping services, that work like a PO Box right across the border. Beyond those tactics, I browse ebay, facebook, and magic forums just like anyone else!
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 2, 2017 04:44AM)
Thanks Rob, I do most if those things as well.
Do you have a large collection? Do you specialize?
Message: Posted by: todsky (Dec 3, 2017 08:49AM)
A Montreal based used book seller:

Message: Posted by: PaulPosition (Dec 3, 2017 09:49AM)
Ahh, so that's why I couldn't find *one* magic book in any of the 30-some used books stores I visited these last few months ;)

Thanks for that link, Todsky. I'm only just starting to fill my shelves, this might come in handy. And I wish I get to visit your shop someday soon but it's sooo far away by bus for me (compared with Spectram or Perfect) it might have to wait until summer, when I feel like walking outside.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 3, 2017 10:46AM)
I'm something of a collector. I've been at magic for about 25 years, but I'm just a 'hobbyist' and don't perform professionally. I love magic books and have been accumulating for a couple of decades (slowly). I've also struggled with how to do this affordably. There are some cases where shipping from the US costs more than the book itself, which I guess is one downside to the big, beautiful hardcovers you sometimes see. Like you guys, I'm always browsing the used bookstores, but in the couple decades of doing that I've only once found and purchased a magic book that way (the old Stars of Magic, highly recommended).
Browsers Den in Toronto has a used magic section in their shop. And Vanishing Rabbit in Calgary has pretty good prices (some discounts), and reasonable shipping.
I'd add that for myself I'm only buying the books based on the magic inside, not on collectible value or resale, etc. For me, magic books are the thing that still makes me feel like a kid at Christmas. I hope that feeling never goes away or gets old.

What are you guys' prized books in your collection?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 4, 2017 03:41PM)
Another plug for the great book selection at Browser's Den in Toronto and pretty large used section as well. Owner Jeff Pinsky is a book guy and great to chat with.

I have acquired a pretty decent sized library over the years. I am now pretty picky on what I add as space is an issue :) When living in Nova Scotia many years ago I was lucky to acquire quite a few books at used dealers, including a fairly large collection that included many classics such as Greater Magic, etc.

The most unique find was a set of two small booklets from England. The premise of the booklets was that magic should be kept secret and writers should write in code. The booklets offered substitute words for such things as Palm, steal, sleight, etc. Two booklets devoted to this! Have never seen these referenced anywhere or found anyone that has ever heard of them. Cannot imagine many were sold.

Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 5, 2017 06:10AM)
Wow John. Those sound very intetesting indeed. (And I agree with the premise).
The Browser's Den of Magic certainly does have an impressive selection of magic books.
I have many books. Some are special for different reasons.
I have a fine 1938 edition of Greater Magic from the library of Norm Houghton.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 5, 2017 09:16AM)
I recently acquired a delightful copy of Card Tricks for Everyone by Ellis Stanyon. The book is pristine with charming natural wear to the dustjacket. Wonderful dimensions. This 1971 Third Printing comes from the library of Phil Willmarth.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 11, 2017 06:41PM)
Another treasure of mine is a pristine, numbered collectors edition of Revolutionary Card Technique signed by the editor.
Message: Posted by: poonchingyip (Dec 12, 2017 01:19AM)
I am also a hobbyist. Have into magic for 10 years, but didn't start into books until 6 years ago.
Usually getting books from online and I don't mind paying shipping cost.

To me, within $60 for shipping is reasonable. (and yes, paid so much on shipping cost.....)

One of the most unique found is called The History of Magic By Eliphas Levi, with a special white cover.
Never found myself that nerdy until reading that book.

P.S. I also have the limited RCT book, especially I am a fan of Marlo. :)

- Arthur
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 21, 2017 10:55PM)
Sounds great Arthur!
I used to get books the odd time from Tom Ransom when we used to meet at the Round Table many years ago.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 25, 2017 06:15PM)
Anyone manage to grow their collection over the holidays? I picked up Drawing Room Deceptions, 5x5 Japan, and New Magic of Japan. Looking forward to digging into these over the next few months. If anyone has any recommendations to highlight, let me know.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 26, 2017 09:32AM)
Hey Wordsworth, let me know how you enjoy those.
I must say those are 3 titles I haven't yet read.
I acquired Nukes by Doug Edwards. What a great little book it is.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 27, 2017 09:38AM)
I picked up Scripting Magic 2, great read. Another recent one is "The Green Neck System". Very cool ideas in that book.

I reaaly enjoyed both the Japan magic books Wordsworth.... Great variety of ideas and methods.

Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 27, 2017 06:34PM)
Card Devilry by Hartman just arrived in the mail...
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 27, 2017 07:25PM)
I actually just picked up Card Dodgery at the Browsers Den birthday bash this year, and I love that book.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 27, 2017 07:33PM)
I was there Wordsworth. I purchased the only book lot at the auction.
Card Dodgery is a great book.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 27, 2017 07:43PM)
I missed the auction this year due to traffic getting down there. I did grab Dodgery, Jack Parker 52 Memories, and A New Angle though, so it was a pretty good day for me. I got a 15% discount when I finally made it up to the front, too, so that was a nice bonus. I almost came out of there with 4 or 5 more books, but had to keep the budget in mind.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Jan 3, 2018 10:43PM)
Dodgery is a gorgeous book isn't it? Hopefully you can make it out next year.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Jan 4, 2018 01:25AM)
I just looked at two more nice books I own.
One is a first edition Best Of Friends Vol. 1 by Harry Lorayne from the library of Bob Farmer.
The other is a 1943 signed copy of More Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard.
Message: Posted by: todsky (Jan 10, 2018 01:38PM)
Just a heads up: Once I move my magic store into a larger space, Iíll be selling used books as well.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Jan 11, 2018 07:41PM)
That's good to hear Todd. I'll definitely check in.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Jan 13, 2018 12:04AM)
I will too. Keep us posted!
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Jan 31, 2018 08:36PM)
Not sure if you guys have seen it, but Vanishing Rabbit has a nice sale on right now. Good shipping within Canada, which for me has always been a big issue. I grabbed Richard's Almanac and a couple dvd's.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Apr 13, 2018 11:14PM)
Gents, I've just acquired Professional Card Magic by Cliff Green, first edition, from the library of Col. Harlan Taylor.
Message: Posted by: todsky (Apr 17, 2018 12:42PM)
Joyalstack has a great sale on used books right now
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Apr 25, 2018 11:50PM)
Thankyou for the heads up Todsky.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Apr 25, 2018 11:53PM)
For my fellow Canadian bibliophiles: I have just acquired a first edition Professional Card Magic by Cliff Green in excellent condition and from the library of Col. Dr. Harlan Taylor.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (May 7, 2018 07:50PM)
Did you guys see that Vanishing Inc is now shipping free to Canada on orders over $45?
Message: Posted by: magicfish (May 8, 2018 07:15PM)
Thanks Wordsworth, I will have a look.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (May 26, 2018 10:38AM)
Just wanted to say, I ordered a book from Todsky's shop week or two back. 75% off, quick shipping, paid CAD dollars, and book arrived quickly and in good shape. He's selling some good items 75% off, it's worth checking out. I might grab one or two more if the wife isn't watching too closely..
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 16, 2018 02:54PM)
Hey guys,

Haven't seen much on this thread in a while, and was wondering if any of you have any books on your Christmas list that you're looking to pick up this year? I'm looking at: Paramiracles, Artful Deceptions, and Artful Mentalism 2. If there are some good boxing day sales this year, I might add one or two others. Anyone have anything they're excited for this year?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 17, 2018 04:17PM)
Anxiously awaiting for my copy of the Deland book to arrive....
Message: Posted by: websmith2000 (Dec 19, 2018 03:15AM)
Me too.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 19, 2018 09:20PM)
That one does look really interesting.
I'm thinking about Asi Wind's Repertoire as well. Has anyone got that one?
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 20, 2018 07:28PM)
I have owned and loved the softcover edition of The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner for many years. I love the material. I have recently acquired the hardcover and Iím thrilled. So much better.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 22, 2018 09:22AM)
[quote]On Dec 20, 2018, magicfish wrote:
I have owned and loved the softcover edition of The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner for many years. I love the material. I have recently acquired the hardcover and Iím thrilled. So much better. [/quote]

That's a book lover right there..
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Dec 25, 2018 08:38AM)
It takes one to know one. Merry Christmas my friend!
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 25, 2018 10:34AM)
Merry Christmas Magicfish. And to all our Canadian friends on the Cafť.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 25, 2018 02:20PM)
Merry Christmas! My copy of Deland arrived on Christmas eve... massive and will provide many hours of fun reading.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 31, 2018 09:17AM)
Just as a heads up Browsers Den of Magic in Toronto got in a large used book collection over the Holidays. Was in yesterday and picked up a cool few finds and there are many great books still there at very good prices.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 31, 2018 10:04AM)
I was wondering about that one. I saw the email but they didn't give any book names, and it's a bit of a hike for me to get in there. You don't by chance recall any of the book names that struck you, do you JM?
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 31, 2018 02:53PM)
There were many... Mystery School book still in shrink, Houdin book, Regal books still in wrap, New Jinx in wrap, Impossibila, Richards Almanac, Ibidems, Simon Aronason books, Larry Barwonsky books... and on and on .Plus lecture notes and smaller pamphlets and soft cover books.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 31, 2018 04:15PM)
I'm tempted to make a run down on saturday. My wife and son are occupied. There are quite a few books I'm trying to round up lately: Reflections by Helder G, Framework by Tom Frame, old JK Hartman stuff, Bob Cassidy and so on. I love browsing through all the physical books down there.
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Dec 31, 2018 04:56PM)
Pretty sure there was one or two Hartman books there when I was browsing.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Feb 4, 2019 08:30AM)
Hey guys. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the price trends in magic books lately. I was looking at a few recent releases, and they all feel so pricey to me lately. The new Tamariz, for example, I'm seeing for $150 USD. The Deland book, which a couple people have mentioned, I'm seeing same price. There was one called Notas which was mentioned in another thread, which is something like 130 EUR. I feel like that $100 range is getting 'normal' right now. Obviously we all have our individual uses for these books, and much would depend on whether you are a professional performer or not, but how are you guys thinking about prices these days? Still buying? I know for myself I've decided to be a lot more selective with what I buy, and maybe start targeting one or two a year that I definitely want, as opposed to buying books to 'try' them. I love magic books, but as an adult with a family, some of these prices feel a little bit tough to justify. (Doubt I'll end up sticking to my one or two book limit, but it's how I'm thinking about this right now).

I know people will probably mention some other considerations, such as price keeping the books out of the non-serious magicians' hands. But I feel like this might have the effect of further shrinking the market for magic books. Not sure on that though..
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 6, 2019 12:37PM)
My shelves are so full now that I am forced into being much more selective. Over the years my interest have also became more focused. I understand the price point on the Deland book (which I own). It is a deluxe over sized volume produced to very high standards... combine that with a relatively small market I can see why a higher price is needed to try and make a reasonable profit. Ultimately it always come down to supply and demand. There will be tremendous interest in Tamariz's new volume. For someone of that stature to share their life work I don't think $150 is too out of line. Same with Johnny Thompson's tomes. No one gets rich producing a magic book when you factor in the time to write, design, print and ship, again for a pretty small niche audience overall (1,000 is a best seller).

I do think there are books out there that are overpriced but I generally avoid those. My thoughts only :)

Message: Posted by: todsky (Feb 9, 2019 08:26AM)
Really, all you need are 15 or 20 Dover paperback magic books, and youíve got enough material to perform great magic for several lifetimes. $200 investment. However, if you like to collect magic books, the sky (and your budget) is the limit.

Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 9, 2019 12:54PM)
Good advice Todd... but as we know Magic is never about "need".... :)
Message: Posted by: todsky (Feb 10, 2019 06:20AM)
[quote]On Feb 9, 2019, J M Talbot wrote:
Good advice Todd... but as we know Magic is never about "need".... :) [/quote]

True enough. The fact is, I have a couple of hundred lovely and precious hardcover magic books which I like to look at and salivate over on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the saliva lowers their resale value :D
Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Feb 10, 2019 07:53AM)
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Feb 25, 2019 11:28PM)
Recently acquired Gerald Deutsch's Perverse Magic: The First Sixteen Years
Message: Posted by: todsky (Mar 1, 2019 09:15AM)
Just wanted to pass on the info that Martin Joyal is having a 30% sale this weekend on almost everything on his used book website:


Message: Posted by: magicfish (Mar 5, 2019 09:53PM)
Just picked up the Tamariz book. Ouch!
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Mar 6, 2019 07:27AM)
Ouch on the wallet?
Message: Posted by: todsky (Mar 6, 2019 08:29AM)

Itís a big fat beautiful book, but the fat is good fat, like the omega 3s. No trans fats here! Itís very nutritious for your mind. Make it a part of your diet. Bon appetit!
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Mar 6, 2019 12:56PM)
[quote]On Mar 6, 2019, Wordsworth wrote:
Ouch on the wallet? [/quote]
Message: Posted by: everitt99 (Mar 6, 2019 04:50PM)
Picked up a copy of Scarne on Card Tricks recently, signed by the man himself.
Message: Posted by: todsky (Mar 6, 2019 04:59PM)
[quote]On Mar 6, 2019, everitt99 wrote:
Picked up a copy of Scarne on Card Tricks recently, signed by the man himself. [/quote]

Thatís a fantastic book, and greatly under-appreciated. There are so many great gems in there.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Mar 6, 2019 08:04PM)
[quote]On Mar 6, 2019, everitt99 wrote:
Picked up a copy of Scarne on Card Tricks recently, signed by the man himself. [/quote]
Wow! Great find. Congrats. Whereabouts in Csnada are you Everitt?
Message: Posted by: everitt99 (Mar 7, 2019 03:49PM)
Yes I was quite excited when I found it for sale. Needless to say I jumped on it pretty quick! And I recently moved into Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Mar 29, 2019 04:26AM)
[quote]On Mar 6, 2019, magicfish wrote:
[quote]On Mar 6, 2019, Wordsworth wrote:
Ouch on the wallet? [/quote]
Correct. [/quote]
...but worth every penny.
Message: Posted by: magicfish (Nov 7, 2019 02:56PM)
Just realized I have nice copy of Marked cards and loaded dice by Frank Garcia signed by Garcia.
Message: Posted by: Wordsworth (Dec 14, 2019 08:12PM)
Did anyone get anything over black friday? Perhaps for Christmas for the deserving magician in your family?
I got four books from Vanishing Inc this year and did pretty well with their free gifts on the side. 20% off the books, which was nice.