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Topic: Magician on TV
Message: Posted by: qkrnei (Apr 18, 2004 05:41PM)
My friend, Jonathan Levit, is on a new show as the host. Most of you may remember him from a part he played on the "X-Files" with Ricky Jay. The new show deals with the paranormal...spirits, miracles and such. I would like to encourage you to watch this show and then contact the Discovery Channel with your positive comments via the web site: http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations

This show will air on the Discovery Channel-April28th at 8 and 11pm. (check your local listing for definite times)

This show will only get 'picked up' if the viewership is there. So please contact Discovery at http://extweb.discovery.com/viewerrelations and let them know you really enjoyed it and want more! Jonathan would be very thankful for that!

The first show, they examined five miracles, including "Twin Telepathy", "The Ghost Tracks of San Antonio - San Antonio, TX", A "Bio energy Healer - Boston, MA", "Marfa Mystery Lights - Marfa, Texas", and "Crosses of Light in the windows of a church in Pine Bluff, AK"

You can learn more about Jonathan on his website: http://www.jonathanlevit.com

Thanks again!

Jeff Ezell
Message: Posted by: peterng25 (Apr 30, 2004 03:27AM)
I watched it last night. The twin telepathy was OK for a moment. One of a set was hooked up to a lie-detector, the other in the room upstairs was subjected to various stimuli, and the needles never failed to jump downstairs each time. But then the old (a la James Randi) question: 'what is the medium for the messages?' surfaces. That was the best part of the show.
The crosses in the church windows: 10 mins to expose the fact that they're due to irregularities in the bumps on the glass surface.
The psychic healer: even Jonathan could only conclude that his arm pain went away for just a moment 'and I may want to pay him a 2nd visit!'
All in all, I felt it was weak and Jonathan may have done his best but was persuaded to water down the content. He could have gone for stronger effects, continued the telepathy theme with pk effects, touches, using codes, etc... in a tongue-in-cheek manner, without exposing anything. The way it was, I am afraid it won't fly...

I just went to the address above and posted as follows:
'Miracle hunters' with Jonathan Levit is a fascinating show! Keep it coming, please.
A fascinated viewer