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Topic: Vegas! May 2018
Message: Posted by: Luke Jonas (Jan 1, 2018 11:29AM)
I am travelling to Vegas for the first time in the first week of may 2018. I'm there on my honeymoon from the UK, however, I would love to catch some magic along the way. I don't just mean the BIG shows like Copperfield and Penn and Teller but the smaller stuff too maybe off the beaten track so to speak? I'm also hoping to find some Magic shops whilst there.
Open to any recommendations.
Luke Jonas.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Jan 15, 2018 09:26PM)
Make sure to see Mac King!
Message: Posted by: Anton4 (Jan 27, 2018 09:16PM)
I second that! I've seen Mac's show about 10 times and it never disappoints. It's been a few years so I plan on seeing it again this April. FYI it's an afternoon show at Harrah's.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Mar 18, 2018 05:24PM)
I was recently in Vegas for a few days and saw the following shows -

Mac King
Matt Franco
David Copperfield
David Goldrake
Penn & Teller

By far the best shows were Penn & Teller and Matt Franco with Mac King and Copperfield being great as always.

Murray and Goldrake.... I wouldn't bother. (I really like Murray from various magic lectures, but his show was pretty lackluster. Goldrake.. I don't even know where to start.)
Message: Posted by: Luke Jonas (Mar 19, 2018 03:22PM)
Thank you
Message: Posted by: GlennLawrence (Apr 13, 2018 01:09PM)
I'll also throw in a vote for Mac King! Some think it's only a family show but don't be deceived by his fun "aw, shucks" persona. The guy kills it and is one of the very few comedy magicians who is actually both funny and amazing. My wife who has been forced to see more magic than she's ever cared to loved his show. Trust me if my wife liked it that's about as good an endorsement as you'll get!
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 13, 2018 06:01PM)
If you want a big type magic show Criss Angel is not a bad ticket. He gets a a lot of heat for a lot of reasons.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Apr 13, 2018 06:38PM)
I'm actually hoping to see Angel's show before it closes this year. The last couple times I've been out there his show has been dark.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 16, 2018 09:58AM)
I am not a fan of the box pushing, furniture mover style of magic. But I saw this show when it first opened, then a little later and I would never have recommended it. Then I went this past week and it had truly grown. If that style of magic is what you enjoy you will not be disappointed. It is definitely good.
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Apr 16, 2018 03:37PM)
Hopefully I'll get out there again before October. Sounds like something I should see.

Have you seen Goldrake's show?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 17, 2018 12:27PM)
Message: Posted by: Luke Jonas (May 9, 2018 11:07AM)
Piff the magic dragon was a highlight! Copperfield's show was very well produced too