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Topic: The Vault - Retention by David Roth video DOWNLOAD
Message: Posted by: therealbrogilbert (Jan 4, 2018 02:06PM)
A beautiful classic vanish of a coin taught to you by the one and only David Roth. Even though there are hundreds of different vanishes and variations out there I still believe this one wins in the beauty department :) The retention of vision aspect of this vanish will serve you well :)


Magic Warehouse:

Hocus Pocus:

Message: Posted by: StrangeMagick (Jan 20, 2018 10:04AM)
Just a MAJOR heads-up ... this is just an old clip available in one of David Roth's earlier tapes repackaged and sold as something new.

When I bought this I thought I was getting some commentary or discussion of David Roth's retention vanish, not just a re-sold 2 minute clip I already have.

Again, the technique is excellent, but you might already have this EXACT release on one of your other David Roth videos. If I'm right, this clip might be available as a download in the full original release for about $10 (for a full hour of material).

My only beef, is the re-packaging of already existing material for a price that isn't fair, based upon the cost of the original product.

I've seen re-releases of pieces of other DVD's, but they sell the piece for about $3 when the whole product sells for $30 ... and this clip is just over 2 minutes long.

Below is my review at Penguin for this product:

The technique is a wonderful classic, but I had to give this 3 stars, as I thought this would include some new content, at least a discussion.

This is the EXACT same video content as released on another David Roth release (I can't remember if it is his NY Coin Magic, or Stars of Magic). It is just the Retention Vanish portion released as 2 minute clip.

Again, the technique is great (and a classic), but do yourself a favor and purchased the original source.

If you already have the original material, you definitely won't need this.
Message: Posted by: jcroop (Jan 20, 2018 12:41PM)
Definitely from the vault. Stars of Magic.

So much good stuff. I probably don't need to buy anything more....
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jan 21, 2018 12:20PM)
Had the original and must have dropped the coin 50-100 times while learning. Once you have it, you have it forever (kind of like riding a bike). It really is a fantastic vanish that's set within a very casual/'normal' movement.
Message: Posted by: thecromulent (Oct 22, 2019 07:40PM)
Is this clip seriously two minutes?!
Message: Posted by: pegasus (Oct 23, 2019 01:08AM)
Absolute joke.
Message: Posted by: thecromulent (Oct 23, 2019 07:38AM)
[quote]On Oct 23, 2019, pegasus wrote:
Absolute joke. [/quote]

Joke's on me--i bought it! Still, it surely won't be the worst $5 I've spent on magic.
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Oct 23, 2019 08:00AM)
I's a lovely vanish, no doubt about it. BUT...

This "retention of vision" malarkey. This thing that we all say and repeat to one another: "the brain retains an image of the coin..."

It is, surely, absolute cast-iron ******** isn't it? Has ANY proof been offered anywhere that this is what happens? I think it's amusing that we magicians so happily swallow this bit of nonsense.

(I am happy to be proved wrong, of course. Over to you surgical ophthalmologists...!)
Message: Posted by: Larry Davidson (Oct 23, 2019 11:41AM)
Hi Ross,

“Retention of vision” is another term for “afterimage,” for which there has been a lot of research. See, for example, [url=https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5253736/]this link[/url]. It’s the reason that: animation is effective; you can make a pencil look like it’s made of rubber; you see spots and will be temporarily “blinded” after looking at a camera flash; and, the shrinking and growing head illusion (after staring at a spinning spiral) works...just four examples.

Message: Posted by: ltchip (Oct 23, 2019 10:39PM)
Agree with the principle but really disappointed on this repackaging bits and pieces from former larger works (that are still available) game...buyer beware I guess.