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Topic: Seances and Spookshows Podcast
Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Jan 22, 2018 02:37AM)
Just in case you missed it in the crypt, the Seances and Spookshows Podcast has a new home. I am slowly moving episodes over to the new host, but can only upload 200mb a month which is fine for one or two new episodes a month, but not when you have 24 episodes to shift across. So I am going to shift some old episodes across each month and also try to get some new ones up as time permits.

The podcast can now be found here:

Message: Posted by: Intrepid (Jan 22, 2018 07:45AM)
Thank you!
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Jan 22, 2018 08:26AM)
Excellent. Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen it in the Crypt.
Message: Posted by: truman (Jan 22, 2018 10:16PM)
Looking forward to new episodes!
Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Jan 23, 2018 06:41PM)
The process of organising new interviews has begun. Hopefully I'll have a new episode in February if the stars align correctly. Stay tuned.
Message: Posted by: Louis Cypher (Jan 25, 2018 03:58AM)
Great stuff, looking forward to new spookshows
Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Jan 29, 2018 05:54AM)
I can now confirm that two new interviews have been recorded over the last four days, these will become Episodes 25 & 26. I've decided to come back with a bang, so I'm giving it to you with both barrels. Not one, but two new episodes for February. I am aiming for Feb 1st for Episode 25, with Episode 26 coming out mid February.

My first guest is....

Coming soon!
Message: Posted by: KOTAH (Feb 1, 2018 12:57PM)
Bryn, this is wonderful ! The image of the German sailor kneeling at his mothers grave, brought the melody of the song Blunda Montrosa rushing back to me. These pod casts are most enjoyable.

Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Feb 1, 2018 03:30PM)
Thanks Kotah. I am really glad you are getting a chance to enjoy them.
Message: Posted by: Cartomancer54 (Feb 2, 2018 11:13PM)
Absolutely wonderful! Thank you!
Message: Posted by: rev_marcus (Oct 10, 2018 02:43PM)
Are there going to be anymore?
Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Oct 10, 2018 09:15PM)
They are released at Lebanon Circle
Message: Posted by: rev_marcus (Oct 10, 2018 10:00PM)
[quote]On Oct 10, 2018, Lo Pan wrote:
They are released at Lebanon Circle [/quote]

I see the first 26 or so at gemini but don't find them on lebanon, do you have a link?
Message: Posted by: Lo Pan (Oct 10, 2018 10:02PM)
Sorry - I meant Gemini
Message: Posted by: Brynmore14 (Dec 26, 2018 04:29AM)
There is only 26 episodes to date. No plans for more episodes at the moment, but I'm a fickle individual so possibly again in the future.