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Topic: Feb 2018 issue: Symbolically Mentalism wrinkle
Message: Posted by: Sealegs (Jan 22, 2018 04:30AM)
Just a thought on Jim Steinmyer's effect Symbolically Mentalism in the Feb 2018 issue.

When the situation arises; rather than having to rotate the board a quarter turn before turning it so the symbols face the audience I suggest incorporating into the handling the turning action associated with a 'square Chinese compass'. That is; holding the board between diagonally opposite corners and rotating it around these points. Depending which corners are used (upper right and lower left... or upper left and lower right) either side edge can be brought to the needed position (the top) as the board is turned to face the audience without having to first give the board an unmotivated quarter turn.

To utilise this the all four number groups need to be written on the top edge. The two groups of numbers as explained in the original instructions stay where they are and indicate the turning action as described in the original instructions. The other two groups of numbers are placed, one either side of the centre of the top edge. They are placed such that; the group just to the right to the centre indicates the upper right corner is the corner pivot point for the Chinese compass rotating move (and by default the left hand goes to the opposite corner)...and; the group to the left of the centre indicates the upper left corner is the pivot point for the Chinese compass move. (and by default the right hand goes to the opposite corner)

Hopefully this should be clear to those that have the effect in the Feb 2018 issue of Genii to hand.

Cheers, Neal Austin