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Topic: Just an idea
Message: Posted by: Ferry Gerats (Jan 28, 2018 05:47PM)
By making an index of card tricks that leave the cyclic order of the deck undisturbed, the memdeck worker will have a larger arsenal of tricks at his disposal to construct a routine. To have more leeway to achieve this goal, card tricks where it is very easy to retain the cyclic order, could also be added.

Of course the same tricks could also be used for tricks with a partial stack. For if you start with a trick or some tricks that leave the stack intact, the notion that a stack must have been used for the trick where you actually use the stack is negated by time-misdirection, as the deck has already been some time in play.

For starters, here are some examples.

Dai Vernon - The Challenge – The Vernon Book of Magic – page 114
Dai Vernon - Triumph – Stars of Magic – page 23
Tony Noice’s Card Transposition – Tarbell 7 – page 119
Anon - PSI Con Carte – Giobbi’s Card College Lighter – page 95 (also described in Hierophant 7 – page 29 under the title “Hands Off Reverse)”
Anon – Card to pocket/wallet/envelope. (control to top and palm the card)

For a clear understanding, the search is for tricks that are not based on the working of a memorized deck.

If you do like to contribute to this list, please also provide info where the trick can be found.
Message: Posted by: Sanks (Jan 29, 2018 08:23AM)
Another idea which I usually use is to have two decks. One stacked one shuffled. That gives you a lot of freedom. Just a thought.