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Topic: Rare Jon Stetson Lecture in Southern Calif!
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Jan 30, 2018 07:31PM)
Hello Cesaral friends and fellow Mystery Performers!!!!

Please keep this date open because I will have one of the most popular mentalist in the world today giving a lecture/workshop at my home on April 8th.

Our special guest who is scheduled for April 8th (Sunday) at 12 noon is the Awesome Jon Stetson!!
Jon rarely if ever does these private workshop lectures.

I know that when Jon does agree to these itís through a larger and much more expensive venue and individuals pay upwards of $1000 per person.

20 individuals will have the opportunity to have a close intimate lecture with one of the busiest professional mentalist in the world for the very low price of $50 payable at the door.



If interested please send me a private message or email me rudy@cesaral.com
Location is Orange County, Southern Calif.
Message: Posted by: Race Blakhart (Jan 31, 2018 04:28AM)
I wish I was closer. This would be a blast!
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jan 31, 2018 08:26AM)
This should be a great event. John attended my Las Vegas lecture last year and was a great and knowledgeable guy. This should be beneficial to all who attend.
Message: Posted by: TEB3 (Jan 31, 2018 09:28PM)
He REALLY knows how to entertain AND teach. And, knows how to communicate with mere mortals.

Member PEA

Jon. see you in Salem.
Message: Posted by: Race Blakhart (Feb 1, 2018 01:46PM)
There are many downsides to living in Fresno County and being disabled/unable to travel very far. One of them being that I haven't heard of a single mentalism lecture taking place here...ever. haha Oh well! It's probably the same for MANY people around the United States.
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Feb 2, 2018 08:03AM)
95% sold out!
Message: Posted by: Rudy Sanchez (Mar 21, 2018 04:25PM)
The Jon Stetson Experience Lecture is coming up quickly. I am making available a few more seats, if you are in the Southern Calif area this is a lecture not to be missed!

April 8th 1pm.