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Topic: Future of Magic Collectibles
Message: Posted by: ddamen (Feb 4, 2018 11:25AM)
Anyone seen the documentary "Art of the Steal"? It follows Dr. Barnes, a wealthy physician who single handedly builds an art collection estimated today to be worth at least 25 billion dollars. He accomplished this by buying Picassos, Monets, etc before institutional museums even knew those pieces were worth collecting. Approximately 70 years later, his collection is appropriated by various politicians, who proceed (and continue) to make a fortune from the exhibits. The documentary draws a strong contrast behind collectibles being held by private individuals, and collectibles held in large institutions - where they are predictably commercialized.

It made me think a lot about the current state of magic collecting. There are a few collectors, such as Copperfield, that have essentially hoarded an inconceivable amount of unique items that will likely never be available again for purchase. Will they continue to hide away in some undisclosed vault, or will one day a large institution appropriate this collection and turn it into another commercial museum. Is that for better or worse?

Message: Posted by: mandrax (Feb 5, 2018 09:38AM)
Very interesting subjet. The collectible magic market is very small comparing to the painting market. not sure we can compare the 2.
Message: Posted by: ddamen (Feb 5, 2018 09:21PM)
Yeah good point. You don't see any Saudi Princes dropping half a billion dollars on Houdini ephemera