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Topic: Best book on John Henry Anderson -The Great Wizard of the North
Message: Posted by: madmanmike1 (Feb 6, 2018 03:28PM)
Hello All,
I'm doing a bit of research and was wondering which book on John Henry Anderson is the better one. Mike Caveney's published book "John Henry Anderson" by Edwin and Michael Dawes or "The Great Wizard of the North" by his great granddaughter Constance Pole Bayer.

Full disclosure, I already have "John Henry Anderson" on my shelf in my reading que. I guess what I'm really asking is, should I purchase the book by Constance, does it have new or different information worth reading?
Message: Posted by: isaacfawlkes (May 9, 2018 08:54PM)
The Dawes book is excellent. I played JHA at a Dickens festival and played him there. great info highly recommended.