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Topic: REVIEW: Indigo by Beautiful Mind Magic
Message: Posted by: StraightTalkMagicReviews (Feb 9, 2018 08:48PM)
REVIEW: Indigo by Beautiful Mind Magic
RATING: 5.5 out of 10
LINK TO REVIEW: http://straighttalkmagicreviews.com/indigo/
FULL REVIEW: Indigo by Beautiful Mind Magic is a quadruple card prediction with 3 different spectators. At the beginning of the routine, the magician places a prediction card on the table with the words “Partner”, “Magician”, “Lady” and “Gentleman” on it and explains that he is the Magician. He chooses one of the spectators to be his “Partner” and then allows the other two spectators to be the “Lady” or the “Gentleman”. The gimmick is pre-printed with these titles so you must have at least one woman and one man. The spectators “choose” four cards and then the magician removes the cards from the deck. The first two cards are given to the Magician and the Partner and the second two cards are given to the Lady and the Gentleman. Each person takes a card. The spectators can switch their card with their own partner, but not with anyone from the other team. To be clear, the Partner can switch with the Magician, but not with the Lady or the Gentleman. At the end of the routine, the magician turns over the prediction card and on the other side of the card there are four pen drawn boxes. Inside each box is the name of each person’s card. You know whose box is whose because it says “Magician Get” (with an arrow pointing to the box “My Partner Get”, “Gentlemen Get” and “Lady Get.” Obviously, this is broken English and takes away from the overall effect and presentation.

With your purchase of Indigo, you will receive a completed gimmick and a password protected link to two downloadable videos. I should note that I saw that some other purchasers complained on line that they had to construct their gimmick so I do not know if my Indigo, that came with a completed gimmick, is standard.

The first video is an hour and sixteen minutes and starts with a live performance. The performance is shot in what looks like a food court or restaurant. The spoken English of the performer is not totally fluent and the performance is somewhat low energy. The rest of the video is a very tedious, boring and repetitive explanation on how to use the gimmick and perform the routine. The production quality if not great. I think the video should have been 20 minutes in length. The second video, which teaches how to construct the gimmick, is 40 minutes long and very boring and slow.

During and after performance, the gimmick cannot be handled by anyone but the performer. If a spectator handles the gimmick then the trick will be ruined. There are no angles to be concerned about and the trick is easy to learn and easy to perform as long as you know some basic card force techniques. If you don’t, you can learn a few well-known forced on the video.

Because the gimmick is so unnatural, and you need exactly 3 spectators and at least one of which is a man and one a woman, I do not think I will ever perform this trick. I don’t like the two very long videos and I don’t like the pre-printed broken English on the gimmicks. What can I say positive about Indigo…well, the Indigo gimmick is something that will fool anyone and it is not something that you see every day. 4 predictions and one sneaky gimmick equal some very fooled spectators.