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Topic: Arcane Grimoires Vol 1 - Apocryphal Reach
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Feb 14, 2018 02:04PM)
Now available.

The first Arcane Grimoire - Apocryphal Reach. It's a combination of two concepts developed by myself allowing mental effects with playing cards, being more suitable for parlor/stage (25 people or more). Although easy to grasp, this project assumes the reader already has basic mentalism knowledge so [b]it's not meant for beginners[/b].

Some reader's comments:

[i]"I really enjoyed the read! Max has pushed some less known and seldom used principles a [b]huge step forward[/b]. Usable ideas and excellent brain food." -[/i] [b]Jan Forster[/b]

[i]"I've always loved 'The Almost Real Prediction' and I love what Max has created! These are well thought out concepts that create a flexible system that can be applied in [b]many practical and extremely deceptive ways[/b]. These are ideas that you will use." -[/i] [b]Marc Paul[/b]

[i]"I was honored with a copy of Max Hazy's Volume One of his Arcane Grimoires, APOCRYPHAL REACH. When I first received it I have to say I had my reserves, as I always get suspicious when I read such... sexy names on a new release. But knowing Max's approach to mentalism and his ability to think out-of-the-box I was certain this was worth studying. I'm glad I did.
Before we begin let me point out that cards in mentalism is NOT my thing. I do not claim anything, it's just a matter of taste and opinion, as in my mind they're too closely associated with sleight-of-hand. But that's me, and despite this little conflict in my head I do use cards when I feel the effect clearly belongs to the realm of mentalism. That said, what do you get with Max's release?
First and foremost: you get the ARC, which is a system that can be used in so many ways I felt Max only scratched the surface. It's EASY, enabling you to perform effects using classic plots such as Princess-style routines (minus the deck switch), Psychometry, Liar/Truthteller games, Memory tests, READINGS (I loved this, it's extremely powerful and Max goes the extra mile sharing his own reading system with cards AND with Tarot cards)...
Max actually starts the chapter with "Sneak Rogue", a sneak-thief routine using this very system. Beautiful. Clean. Impossible. Oh... and easy. And these are the possibilities with classic plots. [b]You can create your own ideas and find other uses for it[/b]. The system is very intuitive. By that I mean that once you're shown or told a card you AUTOMATICALLY know whom it belongs to. And it can be applied to Tarot cards as well. It can be used on a deck, or on little packets if you wish to use fewer cards. It's very versatile.
These are the effects using the ARC, which is THE gem of this Volume One. But there is also a very nice routine, "Subliminal Lottery", which is Max's take on the mathematical principle popularized by Jack London, here using playing cards.
English is not his first language, not mine either, and yet everything was clear at first read. Max left no stone unturned.
My conclusion is that:
- If you are using cards in your performances I do feel you need to check this out. Definitely.
- If you don't use cards... Well... I do feel you need to check this out. Yes. I am repeating myself here but this might make you start considering trying them." -[/i] [b]Phedon Bilek[/b]

[b]All effects in this project have this criteria:
1- The deck is shuffled by the audience before the effect starts
2- No deck switch
3- The deck starts and ends 100% normal and unaltered (no marks, crimps, etc)
4- No memory work
5- No external help (no stooges, confederates, etc)[/b]


Subliminal Lottery - Participants form random numbers to be added. Not only that sum is predicted but also it carries a hidden message.

Sneak Rogue - From random bunches, cards are selected by participants while the performer back is turned. The selected cards are mixed by someone else. The performer divines precisely which card belongs to whom, ending with a final card divination.

Card Memory Test - From a shuffled deck, participants takes random portions of cards. In a few seconds, the performer is able to memorize with precision all cards selected from all participants (no memory work whatsoever).

Invincible Princess - Deck can be shuffled by audience. Several cards (up to the entire deck) are distributed to the audience by the audience themselves. The performer is able to divine precisely who selected each card with 100% precision. Cards can be merely thought of and several variations are possible.

Readings - Part of my personal reading system.

Essay: Cards in mentalism

[b]Friendly intro price: 25$ (This price will not last long. Hurry!)[/b]
Here's the link: http://www.maxhazy.com/arcane-grimoires/


Max Hazy
Message: Posted by: Nestor D (Feb 14, 2018 03:05PM)
Done, I am curious as to the content...

Note that your PayPal page appears in Portuguese which is not user-friendly :/
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Feb 14, 2018 03:44PM)
[quote]On Feb 14, 2018, Nestor D wrote:
Done, I am curious as to the content...

Note that your PayPal page appears in Portuguese which is not user-friendly :/ [/quote]

Hi Nestor. I've seem your purchase and I've just sent you.

I'm sorry about the language on the paypal button. The only option I found was that so far because my account settings is tied to the country I live in. If I figure out a way to display in english, I'll do it. But rest assured that, as you can see in the paypment page, the price is the one claimed (in US$).


Message: Posted by: Nestor D (Feb 15, 2018 05:01PM)
Here is a short review :

Subliminal Lottery - As said in the quotes, it is a Jack London idea, Max's framework and a subset of Cryptex. A nice idea.

Sneak Rogue - Max Maven's Desire combined with the ability to know from which hand a card originated. If you were to try to build a similar routine you would probably reinvent half of Max's system by yourself (the AR code).

Card Memory Test - Natural outcome of the ability to know from which hand a card originated.

Invincible Princess - Max's framework combined with a few classical princess idea. The deck feels indeed shuffled and is never switched (using a very old idea / the AR control), there is no real memory but most of the time you will reveal only the symbol and not the value of the cards (you can reveal full cards if you fall back on the classical princess techniques). If you play on the constraint to get a dramatic build it can be a solid variation on the impostress princess.

Readings - A very classic approach to cartomancy.

Essay - A very classic approach to "yes we can use cards in mentalism".

Overall the framework is interesting and the routines are solid but none of the component is new, despite the way they might be presented, which is my big problem with the manuscript : the AR control is an old idea and I am pretty sure that the AR code is also an old concept (at least because I have used it before and I am surely not the first).
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Feb 15, 2018 07:10PM)
Hi Nestor, thank you for your review and additional credits that you sent privately.
I'm glad you found value in the "framework" I offer here (that's actually a smart word to describe without giving things away). I do feel I need to talk about some points though...

Regarding the AR Control, yes it comes from an old idea and many have simply used that old idea in the exact same way. Here I push the concept forward, as you can confirm, none of the examples you've mentioned (privately) are done the way I suggest. In other words, they are "limited" to a certain amount of cards. What I offer here don't have this limit. [i][b]So I believe I'm not simply repeating an old idea[/b][/i]. I hope you understood what I meant, as I'd rather not go through details here.

Another point I must mention is that the pseudo-psychometry routine that you suspect uses the same system actually is not correct. I'm confirming it right now, it's on pages 12-16 of that author's book. Not only it relies on pure memorization, the author simply suggest you use a stack (like si stebbins) to help you in case you forget... but if you do, the back-up unfortunately is mentally run "card by card" from the "first" until one matches. That doesn't happen with what I offer here... once you're told a card, you automatically know who it belongs to with no memorization and no "card by card" check. Not only that... the routine you mentioned relies on physical card alteration and the deck cannot be shuffled, just cut. To me, [i][b]that's 3 steps backwards (memorization, card alteration, audience can't shuffle the deck)[/b][/i]. If you have any other source or suspicion regarding the system that I offer, I'll gladly acknowledge it. But so far, what I offer is too specific and I haven't seem in the literature any system offering what I offer here. Notice that there are 3 things happening in my system (what I suggest to "alter", how the alteration "connects" and how the connection "fits") which was made in a very intuitive way (mere seconds).

About the Invincible Princess, as you can see, the system has high aspect of "customization" and I prefer to encourage the reader to build whatever is preferred. I offered the most simple approach and some other approaches with extra efforts. From the way you described it (about the symbol revelation), it felt like I didn't offer other approaches in the book, which isn't true. [i][b]I offer more than one approach[/b][/i] where you can simply stare at participants and name their cards (value and suit) with no fishing whatsoever. The reader don't have to rely to other books for classical Princess techniques because I do explain it (I must clear this up for whoever reads your post).

There are other details that you mentioned sources for (like what Lennart Green suggests) but those were simply suggestions by my part. I simply said what I prefer to do and gave examples of other actions that the reader could take. I thought that if I simply said "do this" maybe the reader would want details or examples of "how exactly", as I wanted to be generous in the explanations, that's all. If the reader must openly take 5 cards (poker hand), is up for the reader if he will count, spread, pinky count, thumb count, etc. I just gave examples. I could have simply said "take 5 cards" without mentioning how the reader should take them. That's why I didn't feel the need to go for crediting in that regard.

I'll reply more detailed through email. Thanks again.


Message: Posted by: jaizon (Feb 15, 2018 08:07PM)
I bought it! Looking forward.
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Feb 15, 2018 08:12PM)
[quote]On Feb 15, 2018, jaizon wrote:
I bought it! Looking forward. [/quote]

I've seem your e-mail and just sent you.


Message: Posted by: BMWGuy (Mar 2, 2018 12:35PM)
Hey guys,

thought I would chime in with my thoughts on this wonderful ebook

Max has combined several principles in some of the routines to provide you with everything you need in order to melt some minds.

Now, I must admit that while the effects per say are not new as they already exist elsewhere, I am surprised that Max independently created these himself, since after talking to him, he does not know about the other releases that are out there, that although are similar in nature, the end effect is the same.

What I like about this release, is the level of detail that Max dives into, more so, than the some of the other releases.

Subliminal Lottery is a great effect that allows you to focus on your presentation. Possibly my favorite from this release. If you have ever done Jack Londons Almost Real Prediction, this takes it a step further. Works for different languages as well, but you may need to tweak it a bit.

Sneak Rogue = good effect that you might be familiar with, but Max goes in depth and teaches you his AR code in order for you to perform this, and this is the part that is genious, since he independently created it. Everything is well thought out. Similar sources, there are many, but a few come to mind, Larry Becker, to name a few. Similar to the likes of Sneak Thief but with cards.

Invincible Princess = good routine, that allows you to focus on your presentation. Similar to Ted K.
Card Memory Test = similar to Osterlind routine, and Bob Cassidy routine.

Bear in mind, all these work with the system that Max has created, so I applaud him again for independently creating these using said system.

Giving readings: very good reading on how to give readings , and he goes over examples

Cards in mentalism essay

Credits are given when due as well.

Also, I like that he breaks everything down for you to understand the logic behind it.

If you want 1 resource with multiple effects, for $25.00 you cant go wrong.....I will use 1 piece, the Subliminal Lottery piece coming up in 2 weeks, so I will let you all know how that goes.

Alex Alejandro
Message: Posted by: Max Hazy (Mar 2, 2018 01:34PM)
Thanks for the great review Alex! I really appreciate it. I love Subliminal Lottery, particularly for the reactions it gathers in the end.

A couple of updates:
The paypal button is now international, so I hope it is more customer friendly now.
Also, the intro price has ended (it's 35 now).
My next project is in progress, as there are people contacting me privately specifically for something previously mentioned (yes, I'm listening every single message). Hopefully I'll be able to bring more news soon.