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Topic: Name of 'Shuffled 2 New Deck Order' Deck?
Message: Posted by: RickVancouver (Feb 18, 2018 06:10PM)
There was a trick deck out a couple years back, where you spread them one way, they looked 'mixed', but flip them around & spread them the other way, they were in new deck order. Anyone know the name of this trick deck?
Message: Posted by: Recoplon (Feb 19, 2018 03:15AM)
Hi. There are two similar decks I know of:

Unshuffled by Anton James
OCD Deck by Sansminds

Message: Posted by: RickVancouver (Feb 20, 2018 02:34AM)
Thanks Recoplon, those were the 2 decks I was looking for.
Message: Posted by: Bill08 (Feb 27, 2018 04:45PM)
Matthieu Bich has a similar plot: