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Topic: The Dreamer by Lewis Le Val
Message: Posted by: Prager (Mar 1, 2018 04:18PM)

Imagine having the ability to reach deep inside a personís subconscious mind and reveal their dreams!

The Dreamer not only allows you to reveal something a spectator has recently dreamt about, but to also make a prediction for their dreams to come!

Your spectator writes or draws something from a recent dream on one of your business cards. This card is then folded and tabled.

You then write a prediction for the future on another card, which is also folded.

At this point, you are able to reveal all of the information from the spectatorís card!

Every. Last. Detail.

They are then left with the other card as a mysterious gift to take home and read before going to sleep.

- You only need a small amount of business cards and a pen
- Minimal set up
- Simple handling
- Reveal anything written (doesnít have to be dreams)
- End completely clean

As a bonus, Le Val shares another routine known as From The Heart.
This allows you to have your spectator reveal any information from YOUR life, e.g. family member name, PIN number, etc. Works 100% of the time, and you even write the information before your spectator makes their prediction! Super simple method, start and end clean, no set up, and only uses business cards and a pen.

Both routines included in the download make use of a classic concept in mentalism, along with Le Valís OTT Move which is also taught in the download. There are also a number of subtleties included to help you get the most out of these fantastic routines!