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Topic: Looking at normal people as if they do magic
Message: Posted by: SvenSigma (Mar 2, 2018 01:22AM)
Just some fun thing. Have a look at the second picture of Franiska van Almsick (famous German swimmer) on this page: https://www.ispo.com/people/franziska-van-almsick-auf-der-ispo-munich-2018?etcc_ori=Outbrain&etcc_med=native-advertising&etcc_cmp=Content_B2C

If you read this picture as a magical show snapshot, you find this:

1. Her left hand CP looks quite natural - if the thumb would just stick out a little less it would be perfect
2. Interesting idea: a sideways R****y s******y with her right hand - I'm wondering how angle sensitive that is
3. But what really rocks is her Zombie with a regular beach volleyball and without a silk

If you like that, maybe you come up with similar stuff :-)