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Topic: Which effect do you consider so strong your willing to dedicate a whole deck to it ?
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 5, 2018 01:30PM)
When working I never use a trick deck for want of a better word as pocket space is very important, that doesn't mean that I don't add a card to the deck every now and again but I've yet to find an effect I think is that strong that I'm willing to dedicate a whole deck to it, not yet anyway but never say never.

My question is aimed mainly at the workers out there,is there one particular effect that you consider so strong that your willing to dedicate a full deck to that one effect ?
Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Mar 5, 2018 03:03PM)
Check here http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=634863&forum=2
Message: Posted by: warren (Mar 5, 2018 03:41PM)
Thanks for the link much appreciated :) as it was posted in the Gaffed & Funky rather than the workers section no wonder I missed haha......now to see if I can be converted ;)
Message: Posted by: mr-carl-magic (Mar 14, 2018 03:40PM)
I think acaan
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Mar 14, 2018 07:12PM)
Pre-Deck-Ability by Aldo Colombini. Found it on lybrary.com and well worth the $10.
Message: Posted by: greerj (Mar 16, 2018 08:51PM)
Up the Ante by Martyn Smith. (not sure about first name spelling).
Message: Posted by: todsky (Apr 12, 2018 11:52AM)
Yes, Up the Ante is superb! I've used it and the reactions are very strong. It also really gets the audience involved in the whole betting process. But you will need table space.
Message: Posted by: Sixten (Apr 12, 2018 12:31PM)
Agreeing with mr-carl-magic. Because, (& again, Thanks to Mr. entity :) , for providing me with the Si Stebbins', aka Mr. William Coffrin, "ACAAN" tutorial) it is so direct, & clean. It leaves my specs. STUNNED!

Also, love "Up the Ante." (Btw, greerj, Yes, the spelling is correct.) Hi Capt. :)
Message: Posted by: Recoplon (Apr 12, 2018 03:44PM)
Where can this Si Stebbins' ACAAN be found? Sounds good
Message: Posted by: Sixten (Apr 12, 2018 06:10PM)
I have to apologize. So Sorry! Ref: My above post, it should've been in 'Shuffled not Stirred.'

Recopion: Kindly pm entity, & ask him if you may have a copy?
Message: Posted by: captainsmiffy (Apr 14, 2018 04:41AM)
Hi Greerj....you got the spelling correct!! Todsky, glad that you are loving it 😄 best martyn
Message: Posted by: korttihai_82 (Apr 16, 2018 08:22PM)
I have mainly carried one of the following along with normal deck on gigs;
- Trevor Duffy/Max Maven Phil Deck
- Joshua Jay Waltzin Cheek to Cheek
- Normal Cheek to Cheek
- Invisible Deck
- Memdeck
Message: Posted by: JoeHohman (Apr 17, 2018 11:53AM)
MacDonald's Aces. I start with a few FASDIU tricks, put the deck in my coat pocket, pull out some coins and rope, and then come back to the pocket to pull out the MacD Aces deck as a closer.
Message: Posted by: Chollet (Apr 25, 2018 03:17PM)
I have several decks that I think are worth it. Sometimes alone as a single card trick or perhaps after using a normal deck and switching at some point. A few that use on a regular basis are:
• Invisible Deck
• Brainwave
• Mastermind
• Mindpower
• My own open prediction deck
• Omni Deck (not really a deck, but the illusions is so - up until the end!)

I have a few others, but those are some of my favorites. Like I said, I might only bring along one of these and switch it in at some point.
Message: Posted by: foolsnobody (Apr 26, 2018 12:10AM)
Some of these answers don't fit. The OP asked what *effect* (singular) and "dedicate a whole deck to it." By which I read him to mean what *single* effect is strong enough that you would use a special gaffed deck *just for that one trick alone.* (Sorry in advance to Dick Oslund for mixing up the nomenclature.)

I suggest Simon Aronson's "Red See Passover." Also Ed Marlo's "Think As I Think." (I don't know where to find these any more. Old age. Memory issues.) Oh, and Marlo's "Female." I'm sure there are other Marlo gems.

Think as I Think actually uses TWO gaffed decks, one of which is a roughed red-blue Mene-Tekel deck, a deck which I've never seen used by anybody for anything. I forget what the other deck is! :) As well as the working of the trick. But it sure looked good when I read it--somewhere.
Message: Posted by: karnak (Apr 26, 2018 01:17PM)
Can you (or anyone) briefly describe the effect of Ed Marlo's "Think As I Think"? I'm intrigued, but a search has so far turned up nothing.
Message: Posted by: Sixten (May 6, 2018 08:00AM)
Hi karnak,

Don't have it, but...

(Marlo's Magazine Vol. 1, pg. #208)

http://archive.denisbehr.de/list/book/22 (Scroll down, when you get to it, click the arrow on the right-hand side.)

Message: Posted by: john G (Jun 29, 2018 01:13PM)
The invisible deck and accan #3 from the journey by matt johnson
Message: Posted by: Theodore Lawton (Jun 29, 2018 02:35PM)
Contact Colors by Aldo Colombini

I also like to keep a deck ready with Anniversary Waltz.
Message: Posted by: Carta Mundi (Jun 30, 2018 08:01PM)
FUCAN by Alan Rorrison.

JC's Super Closer by JC Wagner.
Message: Posted by: Sixten (Jul 1, 2018 07:21AM)
& my version of: "NEMO 1500."

Normal deck: No b***s or dups., fully examinable.
Packet wallet (not a H****r) stays on the table.
Message: Posted by: Russ Martin (Jul 1, 2018 11:54PM)
“Cosmic Connection” — and that’s TWO decks! But well worth it; a really fine effect!
Message: Posted by: 252life (Jul 2, 2018 05:36PM)
A stack and all it offers lol
Message: Posted by: todsky (Aug 23, 2018 03:25PM)
Invisible deck is the only gaffed deck I use regularly. It's just too strong not to use. And though it does take up a bit of pocket space, at least it cannot be seen :)
Message: Posted by: kebmo3108 (Aug 26, 2018 09:33AM)
1. 52to1 Deck
2. Invisible Deck in combination with a marked deck
3. A DD Brainwave Deck
Message: Posted by: Rainboguy (Sep 2, 2018 08:45PM)
In Phil Goldstein's book FOCUS (Phil has been Max Maven now for many years)....you will find a trick called "Impressions".....it was one of his closely guarded secrets for years.....

I had a deck custom-made for me many years ago for this by the late Neil Lester (Cards by Martin).

If you ever saw this done, you'd probably want to have a custom card maker make you this deck.

Message: Posted by: Alan Munro (Sep 4, 2018 07:24PM)
For standup only: Invisible Deck, Mene Tekel, Memorized deck

Strolling: Phil deck
Message: Posted by: DaveGripenwaldt (Sep 6, 2018 01:47PM)
Dean Dill's Blizzard or my version of Earl Nelson's "Rented Deck".
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Oct 5, 2018 11:20PM)
[quote]On Jun 30, 2018, Theodore Lawton wrote:
Contact Colors by Aldo Colombini[/quote]

Good suggestion. I like this trick a lot, but there's quite a bit of set-up, so having a deck dedicated to this routine is a great idea.
Message: Posted by: Jerry (Oct 19, 2018 05:27PM)
Card-Shark Double Decker Mene Tekel/Tribly/Sven/Mirage/Pop-Eye/Invisible all in one deck!
It's just one deck but with access to all those effects.
Message: Posted by: gismo (Oct 24, 2018 08:42PM)
Predixion by Max Maven
Message: Posted by: Mike Walton (Dec 9, 2018 09:20AM)
[quote]On Apr 12, 2018, Recoplon wrote:
Where can this Si Stebbins' ACAAN be found? Sounds good [/quote]

Here's a version with a commercial routine:

Message: Posted by: warren (Dec 9, 2018 10:40AM)
[quote]On Jun 29, 2018, Theodore Lawton wrote:
Contact Colors by Aldo Colombini

I also like to keep a deck ready with Anniversary Waltz. [/quote]

That's a great effect and one of my favourites along with Pre-deck-ability however in a working situation I don't find Contact Colors very practical due to the amount of table space required.
Message: Posted by: J Christensen (Mar 5, 2019 09:54AM)
Sventalism by Max Maven, described in Genii.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Mar 5, 2019 12:15PM)
After getting Sudo Nimh's PENDULITMATE... Not only a performance piece but one where you can connect on a personal level.
Message: Posted by: A Magic Cafe User (Mar 5, 2019 02:52PM)
A Svengali deck and a deck in Si Stebbins order....

-A Magic Café User
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Mar 13, 2019 07:16PM)
The Invisable Deck kills. I was setting up some trick and the girl, looking bored said; "Show me a GOOD trick!" I put the cards away and said; "Let's use our imaginations." When I revealed the card, she was stunned and the rest of the family was hooting with laughter! (It can have a disadvantage, I had one kid who just couldn't think of a card! I had to lead him virtually by the hand to get a card out of him! I swear, it looks like I'm trying to mentally force a card on him!)

I managed to "reverse engineer" a card transportation trick I saw John Scarne do at the climax of a beer commercial. It required breaking up TWO decks!
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Mar 30, 2019 08:48PM)
I like doing my own brainwave. They end up choosing, without knowing it, the only different color card with their own name on the back. Then, as a kicker, I hand them the deck. It is clean and normal!
Message: Posted by: ccmwl (Mar 31, 2019 03:10AM)
Cosmos Duo by Greg Rostami. The same can't be said for Cosmos 3 though...
Message: Posted by: That1MagicGuy (Apr 2, 2019 10:40AM)
Any effect from Card shark.
Message: Posted by: aabc (Apr 2, 2019 11:02AM)
A deck in my memorised stack (Redford). So many possibilities, and unlike most other effects mentioned above, there are many, many different tricks that you can do, some of which kill my spectators regularly.
Message: Posted by: TBeamanJr (Sep 17, 2019 04:45PM)
Max Maven's "Mockingbird" and "Pre-Deck Ability" (using a variation of Columbini's version)