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Topic: Misdirection by Ning Cai-A murder mystery with magic and stage illusions
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Mar 31, 2018 08:57PM)
Misdirection is the first book in a mystery trilogy written by Ning Cai, a multi-award winning stage illusionist and escape artist as well as the author of her memoir, Who is Magic Babe Ning?, which was nominated for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. She is also the co-author of three other books. For over a decade, she was known as "Magic Babe" Ning, a multi-award-winning stage illusionist and escape artist known as "the sexiest woman in magic." Lauded for her death-defying acts and record-setting feats, Ning performed for Middle Eastern royalty and showcased her brand of deadly sexy magic to an international audience on stage and on TV. After a brief period of retirement, she returned in 2017 as the mentalist Ning: Mind Magic Mistress.

Besides being engaged as magic consultant for various projects, she has starred in popular Mediacorp TV shows such as Meat and Greed 2, Eat Already?, Love in a Time of Change, and Record Breakers. A TEDx speaker and committee member of SCWO's Women's Register, Ning is also the creative director of Mighty Magic Lab, a kid's edutainment company, which focuses on empowering children with creativity and confidence through magic.

The story takes place in Singapore, the birth place and residence of the author. The story is about a teen parkour champion, Maxine Schooling, who wakes up from a three-year coma after she was attacked to find out her parents and little brother were killed in the same attack. She has no memory of the attack. She later discovers that she developed an acquired servant ability of having photographic memory. Maxine helps her hacker best friend and police investigators track down the Singapore Spectre, a savage and brutal serial killer, who leaves a series of baffling clues. Maxine finds herself entangled in a web of deceit, betrayal, revenge, magic and stage illusions, and a megachurch led by a powerful and wealthy man.

Misdirection is a web of delightful mystery beautifully spun by Ning Cai with poetic, captivating words. Ning brings each character to life with emotional vibrancy and physical clarity. I love mystery novels. Misdirection is a great mystery book. I started reading it and could not put it down. Each chapter is riveting and compelling. Misdirection is a wonderful mystery novel filled with an exciting plot and unexpected twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Misdirection. Ning Cai is an excellent, creative, and imaginative writer. I cannot wait for the second book of the trilogy to be released. Misdirection is currently available at murphymagic.com, penguinmagic.com, your favorite magic dealer, and bookstores in Singapore and throughout Asia. My highest recommendation. 10 out of 10 lucky charms
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Apr 14, 2018 06:56AM)
Misdirection was completely sold out in its offical book launch in Singapore. Ning Cai is feeling loved.
2 hrs
❤ OMG... ❤
Thank you everyone who came for my book launch & queued for 2 hours! Your support means so VERY much to me! 🙏🙏🙏
Message: Posted by: magicinsight (Apr 15, 2018 09:47AM)
Available at Murphysmagic, penguin magic and your favorite magic dealer.