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Topic: Has anyone run across black-art cards (i.e., all black backs)?
Message: Posted by: Merenkov (Apr 17, 2018 09:43AM)
I've run across a couple of routines that rely on the black-art principle with playing cards, in which the card backs blend into the surface of a black close-up mat or table, but I've never seen such a thing advertised. Do they exist, or do you suppose this is a DIY project? And if it is a DIY project, any suggestions on what type of paint to use?
Message: Posted by: Toddolini (Apr 18, 2018 09:39PM)
Use telescope flocking light trap material. http://www.fpi-protostar.com/hitack.htm
Message: Posted by: Merenkov (Apr 19, 2018 10:02AM)
That material looks interesting, Toddolini. Is it thin? Have you tried applying it to a playing card?