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Topic: The May Issue of Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine, is Now Live Online!
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Apr 20, 2018 12:15PM)
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On our cover this month is Richard Turner, the subject of the highly-acclaimed documentary Dealt, which came out late last year. Jon Racherbaumer delves into Dealt and more.

The leader in the field of incorporating electronics into mentalism is Craig Filicetti’s company ProMystic, who sell all sorts of fancy bits of wizardry that allow you to secretly access knowledge. Read all about it.

For his second venture into “Secrets Within Secrets,” Jonathan Neal describes a terrific working pro’s Cut and Restored Silk. * David Britland journeys into the literature and meets a magician we’ve never heard of, but who created a most clever trick. * For this installment of “Classic Correspondence,” Mike Caveney reads a letter to us in which Charles Carter tries to hornswoggle The Great Leon into selling him his latest illusion, the “Death Ray Gun.” The suspense was so great that by the end of the column I wet my pants. * John Bannon returns with another fine card mystery in “Dealing With It.” But before you read this one, if you didn’t read the one March issue—go back and read it now. You will fool folks with it. * Roberto Mansilla takes the opportunity in his third “Artifices” column to explain a unique version of Cards Across. * “Magicana” steward John Guastaferro teaches three new items this month, and I think card guys will really be interested in The SATA Switch. * We’ve gone all out with Martin Lewis’s “Making Magic” by printing the images for the gumball machine prop right here in the magazine! * Our monthly regulars are here: “On the Slant,” “The Eye,” and reviews of videos, books, and tricks by Shiv Duggal (joining our staff this issue), John Lovick, and David Regal. My “Genii Speaks” video is up at the top of this page, and so are audio columns by Jon Racherbaumer and John Lovick.

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