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Topic: Ancient Warriors Playing Cards...
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Apr 29, 2018 10:22PM)
Hey gang,

My pal [b]Will Roya[/b] has got a new Kickstarter going and those of you who collect cards really want to have a look....

[url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playingcarddecks/ancient-warriors-playing-cards-limited-edition-2-d]Ancient Warriors Playing Cards - Limited Edition 2 Deck Set[/url]

[b]Poker size playing cards printed by USPCC in the USA. 100% custom art work, limited edition print with liberal use of metallic inks.[/b]



[b]Check out the video for a short trailer and a word from the artist, Marcelo Simonetti[/b]

We are very pleased to present to you [url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playingcarddecks/ancient-warriors-playing-cards-limited-edition-2-d]"Ancient Warriors"[/url], almost a year in development to bring you this fully custom deck. We need your help to make this deck a reality. Please explore our [url=https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playingcarddecks/ancient-warriors-playing-cards-limited-edition-2-d]campaign page[/url] and make a pledge today to help support this project and we will look forward to delivering you this unique [i]limited edition[/i] 2 deck set. :)

Inspired by past civilizations from around the globe and combining traditional and nontraditional playing card design techniques and concepts we bring you an all purpose 2 deck set.
The card faces will be the same for each deck with contrasting back design that is suitable for all your favorite 2 deck games. Liberal use of [i]metallic inks[/i] will be used on the fronts, backs and tuck cases to add to the beauty of the design.

[*]Made in the USA by USPCC
[*]Classic Stock
[*]Embossed Finish
[*]Metallic Inks
[*]Poker Size
[*]Subtle One Way Back Design
[*]52 Cards + 2 Jokers
[*]Gaff Cards
[*]A Tuck Case Reveal
[*]100% Custom Original
[*]Limited Edition of 1,000 each (2,500 if Bicycle® branding is unlocked)






[i]ZULU SUIT[/i]








[i]THE BACKS[/i]



To see the album with all the high resolution images please [url=https://www.irista.com/gallery/vdnlynicf8pg]Click Here![/url]

FYI - Gaff cards are in progress. Backer feedback welcome.


A great deal if you missed out on some of my past projects and collaborations. You will receive the following decks:
[*]Ancient Warrior Black
[*]Ancient Warrior Red
[*]ARRCO Blue (Not Pictured, June 2018Release)
[*]ARRCO Red (Not Pictured, June 2018Release)
[*]Friendly Felines
[*]Alice in Wonderland
[*]Guard Oak (KS Exclusive)
[*]Guard Slate
[*]Sub Rosa

[b]*Please note that the Felines & the Opulent do not have the custom numbered tuck seals as featured in original KS campaign but are new in cello wrap.[/b]


Just let me know via direct message and I will do my best to accommodate you.



[b]Marcelo Simonetti[/b] is an Uruguayan illustrator and graphic designer, living in Montevideo, Uruguay. After studying architecture for three years, he decided to change his career to graphic design, an area in which he has now been working for twenty years and has also taught for two years. To add originality and a human touch to his designs he also studied illustration, and this discipline takes most of his time now. He has worked in character design, comics and children books, basically every project that he finds interesting and challenging. He has designed and illustrated all the original characters for this card deck that we all hope you will enjoy. :)


By [url=http://www.playingcarddecks.com]PlayingCardDecks.com[/url] with a safe delivery guarantee and emailed tracking. International customers are responsible for any custom fees and taxes.
Canadian customs are prepaid and included in the shipping cost.


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Artwork has been pre-approved by USPCC. Some small design elements may be subject to change based on backer feedback and printer recommendations.

Besides being a super backer, I have successfully completed and delivered a few of my own campaigns as well as helping & collaborating with other creators.

I really enjoy the process of creating decks with the artists and working with backers to bring the decks to life. I am in a fortunate situation to be able to cover some of the costs of producing the decks but without the help of the Kickstarter community I would not be able to bring all of my projects to life. Creating these decks is a significant investment of time and money and I am grateful for any and all support.

If there are delays or issues they will be communicated and dealt with in an open manner. As always, I appreciate your support and feedback. You are welcome to reach out to me directly at any time and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Thank you!

[b]Will Roya[/b]