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Topic: Brain Freeze by Paul Andrich
Message: Posted by: Magic KL (Apr 30, 2018 12:52PM)
Wow, this looks amazing!!


Ad copy:

The brain freeze gaff allows you to switch cards on a spectator without any movement whatsoever. The gaff is self working and you are in control of the speed and when the switch happens.

You hold two cards in front of your audience, and when you feel like it, without having to move your fingers or hand at all, you can give them a selected card which has instantly changed into a different card. Right in front of them.

This is an effect that you can learn within minutes upon receiving it, and yet the effect mirrors real magic.

This is one that will seriously fool laymen and will definitely baffle any of your magician friends, as it's a very unique and devious gimmick.

On top of receiving an already made gimmick when you order this magic trick, you will also get an instruction download that will teach you how to make replacement gimmicks very quickly and very easily on your own.

This is an effect that packs small, but plays huge and looks impossible when you see it in person.

This is a great purchase for either the beginner, or the already working magician that wants to switch out a card in a visual and unique way.