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Topic: Building a Zig Zag
Message: Posted by: judeh (Jun 1, 2018 02:50AM)
How realistic would it be to build a Zig Zag with mild-average woodworking skills/tools? I'm not able to find any plans online to purchase. Does anybody have any ideas about how difficult it would be to construct?


Message: Posted by: J M Talbot (Jun 1, 2018 11:00AM)
Tenyo Elite built this with permission and approval from the Tenyo company. You will not find plans to make this from scratch. I know the Tenyo Elite team have stated in the past that even Tenyo was surprised they were able to accomplish this in wood and they used a skilled wood craftsman. I would take from that it is probably a difficult woodworking project. I have the wood Elite Version and think it would be beyond the abilities of someone with basic woodworking skills.

If you are determined to try making one for yourself probably the best bet is to purchase several plastic ones to deconstruct and see what is involved in construction.
Message: Posted by: judeh (Jun 3, 2018 05:45PM)
JM Talbot,

That's a great idea. I've ordered a couple.

Thank you!