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Topic: Tamariz stack to mirror stack
Message: Posted by: Daren (Jun 5, 2018 02:13AM)
Hiya, in Tamariz's book Mnemonica, does he describe a way to go from Tamariz stack to Mirror stack was thinking of mem deck material and then ending with total coincidence
Message: Posted by: sgtgrey (Jun 5, 2018 08:27AM)
Yes, there are multiple ways to get into mirror/stay stack from Mnemonica. One routine requiring a table is shared by Juan Tamariz in his book, and I also know there are at least 2 other methods to get there, one that involves a few shuffles in the hands, and another if I recall correctly was from Denis Behrís recent Dvd set.
Message: Posted by: rmorrell (Jun 5, 2018 10:40AM)
Hi Daren,

The better version of the Tamariz process can be found on his DVD set Mnemonica Miracles on Disc 1 in the explanation to Everything in Order he explains a different way to get into stay stack, which whilst similar to the book, shortens the overhand run of cards considerably, and makes it much more usable, at least to a mere mortal like me!

As Sgtgrey hinted in Denis Behr's new book he explains a way to get into what he calls Power Stack from Mnemonica with a very quick process that can then lead into Stay Stack.

Finally if you can track down Luis Otero's lecture notes from Blackpool 2017 he has a routine called Subtraction is Better that in the course of a fun trick gets you out of Mnemonica into stay stack, and doesn't require you having to deal long lines of cards as in the Tamariz trick, just two piles, so it saves on table space!

Those are the three methods I currently am utilising, if anyone knows of any others would be great to find out.

From stay stack you can go into the numerous matching mates type routines, I tend to use Allan Ackerman's handling of Marlo's routine, to end with dealing out a full deck of mated cards.

Or you can go into a new deck order climax, by doing the anti-faro 4 pickup from Mnnemonica or Woody Aragon's High Card routine from Memorandum also works with Mnemonica and again takes up less table space! Or look at Woody's new DVD set as TeleTriumph II will also work with Mnemonica for a powerhouse closer! But shhhh I didn't mention any of that!
Message: Posted by: sgtgrey (Jun 5, 2018 11:11AM)
Rich, thanks for the mention of the variation in Mnemonica Miracles - I have the set, but I'd forgotten about that. I'd not heard of Luis Otero's effect, I'll have to track that down as well.
Message: Posted by: Daren (Jun 5, 2018 11:50AM)
Thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Jun 5, 2018 03:58PM)
Pretty interesting way to get into it right here. You can even do away with the lennart green angle separation and just upjog the cards instead. Pretty simple and straight forward

Message: Posted by: Harry Lorayne (Jun 5, 2018 04:53PM)
Or use my THE GREAT DIVIDE, which is much better than the rip-off.