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Topic: Searching for 'bottom'.
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jun 7, 2018 07:33AM)
Greetings fellow 'Comrades of the Cobble-stones'.

An interesting 'toss of the dice' here.
Monika and I,
have been working on a Show,
to play 'next' to our 'big Act'.
(I've always had problems fencing in, my Interests)

It's a smaller,
quite 'moblie',
compared to Show-number-One.
,..and totally a different candy.

We call it: 'Syncrophonic Manipulusion'.
Hard to explain.

We took it out today,
for the third 'first time'.
We've been polishing. practising. planning.
...and procrastination(!),
with it,
the past four weeks.


...boy were we,

not in the sence of Micheal Jackson's 'Bad'(!).
...i mean,...
i stank!


It's not "back to the drawing board", though.
It's: "practise today",...back out there tomorrow.

My problems were three-fold.
First, in order to keep my knees in shape
and my torso fit (for playing piano),
I swing a 16 kg. Kettle-bell.
It really helps!

But, because we had been performing so much lately,
I hadn't worked out for the past three weeks.
Last night, to stretch my knees,
I thought I would give it a swing.
Today, my hands were like,....suasages!
Clumps of meat,...
no 'delicacy'.
Mistake # 1.

Secondly: I have been practising with 'Hat #2',
in order to keep 'the good Hat',
in 'good' shape.

BUT,...altho the same Hat,
..it has a totally DIFFERENT feel and balence!
I was "off" from step one.
Mistake #2

I was a bit 'nerved' inside.
It felt like 'work',....grinding.
I couldn't find the 'wonder'.
Without that,..
I had NO way to create wonder.
Mistake #3

I'm going to practise now.
get my head together.

I know,
as painfull as it is:
With a new Show,
we've got to hit
the lowest possible point we can imagine.
...and both Monika and I have HUGE Imaginations!

But,..once we've kissed the crack,
..we can begin to rise up.

For me,
this is a truth.

Actually, we HAD nice moments(!).
And strangely, Monika and I noticed:
The better we get,..
the worse we can find ourselves to be!

It's a journey!
There's the Talk.
Then, there's the Walk.
Thanks for your ears(!).

Tomorrow! ☝
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Jun 8, 2018 09:48AM)
I can relate to hands feeling like sausages and trying to use them later for something magical. Putting shingles on a roof does it every time! Good to hear you are trying something new.
Message: Posted by: Yellowcustard (Jun 10, 2018 10:33PM)
Gallagher what doesn't kill you, only makes you strong!
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jun 11, 2018 06:51AM)
Hey Doc(!),
nice to hear from you.
And your story,
of fighting 'shingles' during the week.
And nailing 'shingles' on weekends!
,,..funny thought.
(Do you do rain gutters?
I'll be needing some help, in July!)

General Custer, thanks for the encouragment.
In all honesty,
I sometimes feel,
a 'good life' contains a thousand deaths!
As long as we keep 'getting up',..
things get better(!).

I guess,
the trick,
is not to stay 'down',
too long.
....they start throwing dirt on ya!

* *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *. *

Actually, Thursday,
I DIDN'T go out,
and try again.
I wanted to..
But during morning coffee,
'the Wisdom of the Fool' sang to me.
Monika and I took the day 'off'.

We hopped the U-bahn
and road to a schick part of towne (Bergmann Str. in Kreuzberg).
I bought myself a nice Panama Hat.
...let Monika invite me to a 'three hour' coffee.
...then headed out on safari,
thru the used book shops and record shops.

I'm not sure HOW it helped my 'Show'(?),
my love-life(..!),
or my bank-account(?..?),
...but I need not ponder the deeper meanings of Life.

Friday, a heat-wave settled in.
Never being the surfer-boy,
we un-packed our bigger-Show,
and went snooping for beer-gardens.
It was a 'working-man's-weekend'.

we'll let the 'Syncrophonic Manipulusion' take the stage.

Smiles from under a pretty cool Hat(!),
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jun 13, 2018 05:05PM)
(She's always two beats ahead of me.
Especially when we dance!)

(i know, "Nice hat.")

We practised 'light' Monday,...
ate strawberry cake all evening,..
we were ready.

Yesterday, we rolled into Spandau....
I guess Strawberry Cake,
is the secret,
'the Greats',
take to their graves.
We were pretty good.

The Show, packs small.
Sets fast.
No language....

The Hypothesis is:
How far can we go with Technique?

I don't have a final answer,.....yet.

It's fun.
Still young.

Our feelings now is:
1st. Learn to perform it well. (Technique)
2nd. Learn to perform it 'fun-ly'.
3rd. Learn to perform it beautifully.

Today, the 'crazy second',
it stumbled a bit,
from yesterday's niveau.
,..but, the 'bottom' is behind us.
It wasn't bad.

we can only go as high as our Imaginations allows us!
,....and our practising fertilizes.


p.s.: You have to admitt,
"That's a nice Hat!"

p.p.s.: The World Cup is starting tomorrow.
Berlin is full of 'public veiwing'.
We're packing and heading over to Slovakia.
180 Kilometers.
They didn't qualify,...
it should be quiet.
They language is going to be,....fun.
Fingers crossed and tongue tied...
Message: Posted by: ed rhodes (Jun 14, 2018 04:41PM)
[quote]On Jun 10, 2018, Yellowcustard wrote:
Gallagher what doesn't kill you, only makes you strong! [/quote]

Except for bears. Bears will definitely kill you!
Message: Posted by: gallagher (Jun 16, 2018 12:36PM)
Ed, you're right!
Bears and BEERS!..!

,...but a 'good Life' has a thousand deaths.
,.....you can keep the Bears!