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Topic: Character and Theatrical Magic
Message: Posted by: Big Daddy Cool (Jun 8, 2018 01:03PM)
Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've posted on the Café so I imagine most people don't know who I am. I specialize in character based theatrical magic and do a full evening narrative show as a character.
I wrote a book about this subject and the details process to create character, specifically a historically inspired character in my book Theatrical Magic. It's availble again in paperback on Amazon for just $10 and I recommend it for anyone looking to create a character. There are reviews of the book posted elsewhere in the Café and you can check those out...
What I didn't know when I was writing the book was that my style actually has a name - Dieselpunk. Since I was last active here on the Café I started The Dieselpunk Podcast. If anyone what's to learn about Dieselpunk, I suggest they take a listen on itunes or Stitcher!

Anyway, I am a resource for any one looking to develop character, backstorys, to write a narrative, or needing authoritative info on the various genrepunks out there, particularly Dieselpunk.

Feel free to engage!
Message: Posted by: drmolarmagic (Jun 11, 2018 12:27PM)
Thanks I just bought your book.....I look forward to reading it!
Message: Posted by: Big Daddy Cool (Jun 15, 2018 11:02AM)
[quote]On Jun 11, 2018, drmolarmagic wrote:
Thanks I just bought your book.....I look forward to reading it!
Bruce [/quote]
Great! Let me know if it was of any value - especially the character development chapters. And if you do like it, I'd appreciate a review on Amazon... :)
Message: Posted by: drmolarmagic (Nov 29, 2018 02:44PM)
Just realized I never circled back on this, I really enjoyed the book, and I do like you character development process. I will certainly recommend it to others.
I'll stop by amazon.com and write a review happily.
I'm a graduate of the NY Goofs Clown School and have worked with theatrical magicians and circus performers for years so I appreciate the topic and agree with your approach.
Message: Posted by: gomerel (Nov 29, 2018 09:04PM)
I LOVE diesel punk!