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Topic: Looking for recommendations for LED lighting for hotel shows
Message: Posted by: malcolm (Jul 5, 2018 10:53PM)
Hi guys. I've searched through the Café and it seems most of the information about portable LED lighting setups is now a few years old (but feel free to point me to anything I've missed). I'm guessing technology has improved, and I'm wanting to get myself a portable lighting setup (maybe two stands plus lights) for taking to hotel ballroom gigs. Mostly thinking of 50~150 person events held in hotels and convention centres, with a small stage and the usual overhead ambient lighting. I've just found that having proper lights helps make me pop on stage and helps with attention.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Brands to try, specific products etc. What to look for to avoid the garish blue-white light that comes with some LEDs? Any help would be great.

Message: Posted by: Ray Pierce (Jul 6, 2018 07:23PM)
There are many options that exist. If you need a lot of different colors, there are RGB fixtures that can let you program any color you want but there are a little inefficient for just white light. If you just want white light, you can get LED's in most color temperatures from tungsten to daylight. They even make Source Four lights that are LED driven although they're insanely expensive. For the DMX controlled RGB versions, American DJ is probably the most economical without going to the Chinese versions. If you want something more robust, you can go up to Elation which is a better line.
Message: Posted by: cedd (Aug 2, 2018 01:18PM)
Chauvet’s LED kit is insanely good for the money. Used to be a budget DJ brand but they’ve really raised their game. Their Colorado fixtures are very punchy and have nice saturated colours. They also do an RGBW model - having white in there as opppsed to mixing rgb to make it is a real bonus. With built in power loop-through’s it means no messy power distribution up on your stands - it’s one power cable in and through, then DMX Control. Lots of cheap wireless DMX modules out there too - you could do away with control cables completely and then you only need to find power outlets.
For a bit of added “ooooh” factor you could also add some uplighters to light your backdrop. There are battery ones available that charge in their flightcase and again have wireless control. Chauvet make their Wellfit model but you may find cheaper alternatives - for uploghting the quality is less important.
Message: Posted by: JoshRyan (Dec 23, 2018 08:21AM)
Can I also ask if someone could recommend any books, videos, or other resources to help with designing this kind of stage setup? I’m going to check out Maximum Entertianment (Ken Weber), but any other suggestions appreciated!

I’m trying to build a step-up with lights, smoke, and back drop on a stage that could be as small as 10’ x 15’. I’m also trying to improve my sound quality. I want to sync it all and operate it remotely. I’ve been looking at:

-Backlight with color wash: Chauvet DJ 4bar light bar system https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/4BARUSB--chauvet-dj-4bar-usb-4-by-rgb-par-system-with-stand
-Alternative for trusses because they are too hard to transport and over my budget
-QLab software but I’d prefer to use my tablet using something like Show Cues app with the AudioApe remote

I already use:
-fender passport 300 PA system with 2 wireless mics, handheld mic, and a Bluetooth receiver
-AirTurn Pedpro Bluetooth foot pedal controller
-iPhone 4 with iTunes
-American DJ fog fury jet
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Dec 23, 2018 11:17AM)
Sweetwater has their home office here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They just partnered with an old theater restore, and are putting on name bands shows and appearances just two blocks from me. They have a huge building just out of town. They have a huge showroom, that you can see and feel the experience, and if it works for you. If you can, come visit, and get the information you need for lighting and sound for your shows. They have a massive call center as well, you can call as well and speak to an expert in your field of show business.

Don't forget the smaller retail outlets as well. You can gain a lot of knowledge with a simple visit to a music and sound store. They are the local experts that not only want a sale, but will set you on the right path for your show needs.

Just don't rush to buy, research and get out and talk to the experts in the field, then decide what is best for your shows.