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Topic: Pick A Card ...
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Apr 29, 2004 10:13AM)
Hi All,

This is not an ad for the "99Cent Only" store but an important info for playing card collectors.

Rush to your nearest store and grab your "IRAQ's MOST WANTED" deck of playing cards (Authentic Pentagon Issue) @ $0.99 each. They are in limited supply - one per customer.

For store location visit: http://www.99only.com

Message: Posted by: MacGyver (Apr 29, 2004 11:59AM)
AFAIK only a few number of decks were issued, and those few were ONLY given to servicemen working oversea's in hostile area's.

The rest have all been rip-offs from the photo's that were released on the web.

So unless the US gov's policy on the cards changed and they produced more, then I wouldn't call them "Authentic Pentagon Issue" because only a select few actually got those.
Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Apr 29, 2004 12:07PM)
"Authentic Pentagon Issue" - This is exactly what the ad says.