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Topic: Help me identify a magic land trick
Message: Posted by: chrom (Jul 14, 2018 06:36AM)
Hi all. I was recently in Tokyo and picked up a nice effect from Magic Land. The basic effect is you riffle through stopping in four packets to show the four suits of the same card. Then you put the packets together to pull off the four suits of another card. Then finally you pull off the four suits of yet another card only to first show that the last suit and number is the same throughout the rest of the deck. Then finally you show you "curse" the deck by changing the back color and the color slowly shifts from Blue to a rainbow ending in Red.

The instructions are in Japanese and I have translated them but I am struggling with one of the last moves. PM if you can help with the last bit of instructions or post if you know the English version of this effect.

Its not the rainbow deck as it shifts from Blue through the color spectrum to Red.

'Thanks in advance...Shane