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Topic: Combining two water tricks together
Message: Posted by: Stevious (Jul 19, 2018 11:59AM)
Hello folks
I wanted to vanish a glass of liquid inside the t***t with sl*** p***r. You can see that trick here at 1:20


There seems to be a problem with keeping that glass which in supposed to disappear in view without showing the substance in it, I want to use a clean plastic as in the video.

First idea was to place it in view on a white cloth. Second idea was to keep it inside a box with other props and casually pick it up covering just the bottom of the glass, a maybe a bit suspicious.

Third idea is to perform water into newspaper trick first (gimmick inside the paper in that case) using two identical glasses. I put the glass away into the box, then when the water is about to reappear, I pick the other glass from the same box. Water is poured out from the paper, I put the paper away and finally vanish the glass as in the video above.

I thought that it is terrible to perform 2 strong effects one directly after the other, the audience will miss the second one, because it happens on the off-beat. So what if I warn them first? "The water is still in the newspaper, I will pour it out in a few seconds, but then after that it will really disappear completely, so don't miss it, first into the glass..."

What do you think about it? I would appreciate any other ideas of hiding the substance or comments regaring all three methods.