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Topic: Magic Classes
Message: Posted by: Walking Bob (Jul 25, 2018 09:06AM)
I have been hired to teach a one day magic camp for a total of 60 kids pre-school to high school. I will
have five sessions with about 12 kids per group. I have quite a few ideas and have done similar classes
before but just looking for more ideas. Classes will be 40 minutes in length.

Any suggestions of what to teach for the following age groups?

5 - 6
8 - 9
10 - 11
12 - 13
14 and over

Thanks in advance and have a great day,

Walking Bob in Iowa
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Jul 25, 2018 11:05AM)
Hello Walking Bob,

lots of threads here already give great suggestions which tricks could be taught to minors. In case you have not read those threads have a look at them. If you use the search engine and look for threads with the word TEACH in the title here in this forum "the little darlings" you will find lots of great suggestions.

Good luck!

Message: Posted by: Walking Bob (Jul 25, 2018 02:03PM)
Thanks Daniel

Did some searches and not having much luck finding info.

If anyone has some links would appreciate the info,

Walking Bob
Message: Posted by: Dynamike (Jul 25, 2018 09:43PM)
Mind Your Manners.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Ulzen (Jul 26, 2018 12:20AM)
Hello Walking Bob,
1. Klick onto "Advanced"
2. Enter the word TEACH in the first line (Search by Keyword(s):)
3. Select " Topic Title Only (Results will be shown as topics)"
4. In the field "Search in:" select the forum "The little darlings"
5. Klick onto "Begin Search"
Then you see about 25 threads and lots of them are very helpful for your question.
Message: Posted by: Walking Bob (Jul 26, 2018 05:12PM)

Thanks for your advice on how to use the search feature.

Worked great and I found tons of info.

Walking Bob in Iowa