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Topic: If I could say ONE THING to the director(s) of Penn and Teller: Fool Us...
Message: Posted by: Josho (Jul 26, 2018 11:51AM)
...it would be this: you've lost your way with Alyson Hannigan.

She has clearly been directed to play to the camera, not the live audience, but also to project [i]as if[/i] she were playing to the live audience. As a result, it comes off as if she's shouting at the camera. Why shout at the camera? Her shots, when she's speaking to us, are tight. Why not draw us in, by having her [b]talk to us[/b], rather than having her blast us backwards?

Jonathan Ross played to the camera and spoke in a conversational tone. Alyson Hannigan, when she speaks with the magicians (while P&T are deliberating), also uses a charming, genuine, conversational tone. But as soon as she turns to the camera, she speaks in this high-energy, presentational manner that would be perfectly at home if she were [i]working the crowd[/i].

I would like it so much more if the lady were permitted to address us in normal tones, not project at us like we're 100 feet away in the balcony.

Not that anyone asked.
Message: Posted by: debjit (Aug 14, 2018 01:37PM)
I think you're nitpicking here. She directly speaks to the camera probably 4 times an episode for 10 seconds each. I never even thought about it. But Jonathan Ross was a way better host. He was charming, funny and he looked like he was enjoying the magic. The perfect host would be Neil Patrick Harris though ;)
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Nov 30, 2018 09:53PM)
I like her.
Message: Posted by: Josho (Dec 1, 2018 07:48AM)
I don't dislike her. In fact, I DO like her.

I just hate the way they can't figure out that if she's looking at the camera, she doesn't have to yell. Funny how when you're miked, and you're talking to the camera, not the crowd, there's no reason to shout.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Dec 1, 2018 12:37PM)
Yeah, I've got to say I like her much better than Ross. I think she's coming into her own more on the show in the past couple of seasons. Initially, she was an outsider, knew nothing of magic, little about hosting, and was quite stiff as a host.

I don't know why producers think actors could make good hosts as often they don't, just like not all athletes can do well as broadcasters. Some can and do, most can't.

But over her time on Fool Us she has fit in with the guys and the performers. She's up for most things even if a bit hesitant. She should be playing to the camera - it IS a television show first. The in-house audience is secondary and more for the performers if anyone.

I think she's become more fun and natural and has fit in and found her place must more than Ross ever did. As for the yelling, that is a byproduct of having and performing before a live audience and so close to the taping. Much different than say a sitcom audience.