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Topic: Hat Trick plus Black Flag
Message: Posted by: The_Mediocre_Gatsby (Jul 28, 2018 01:53PM)
Hi all. Here's an idea I came up with that combines "Hat Trick" from Card College 1 with "Black Flag" by Lewis La Val.

You'll need a set up on the top of the deck of nine cards. Three of the cards can be any cards, the middle three can be any cards, and the final three should be the mates of the first three cards. An example might be Qd, 5s, Ad, Jd, 4h, 2s, Qh, 5c, Ah. This is set from top of deck down.

"Hey, there's something I think you'd be perfect for and I'd like to try with you and get your feedback on. I've been working on how to do this ever since I was a kid and have finally got it working, but I have no idea how it's happening."

Go into "Black Flag" and have the first three cards chosen and placed face up on the table as in "Hat Trick". Then, continue "Hat Trick" placing the three indifferent cards face down below the face up cards.

"I can't figure out how the hell this happens, but I've found that I've developed this ability to find the mates of these three face up cards you chose as long as I do it fairly quickly and don't think too much about it. Watch."

Flip over the three indifferent cards to reveal that you've failed.

"****, this was working last night. What the hell? Oh snap, I forgot the music. Can you play "Flight of the Valkyries" on your phone for a second."

Push the three indifferent cards to the side, leaving the original three cards face up. Do the work in "Hat Trick" again, putting the three cards below the face up cards. Turn the cards face up to reveal they match.

"Hot dog. Isn't that weird? I know there's the whole 'oh the Nazi's loved Wagner so we can't appreciate his music anymore thing' but if it somehow helps me do this then who gives a fig amiright? I'll probably get a Nobel prize or something once this starts trending worldwide."

Note 1: I think this would work better with tarot cards since that's how I plan on using "Black Flag" as it makes it easy to justify the necessary prop, but I'm new to the tarot game and don't know enough about which cards "match". Obviously, once I move it to tarot the patter would have to change as well.

Note 2: Credit goes to the fine thinking by Roberto Giobbi, Lewis La Val, and Andy at thejerx.com