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Topic: Been off - could be good
Message: Posted by: Hawkan (Aug 17, 2018 03:44PM)
I´ve not been very active with my magic for a couple of years, but I´m slowly getting back. I have a friend who is also doing magic and we´ve decided to do a show together. During my time off I have been to different children's shows with my daughter, both magic, music and theatre. What has hit me, hard, is how good the non-magic shows often are. As long as the artists have some training/education and above all - a director!

Every year my family go to ALV (Astrid Lindgren´s World http://astridlindgrensvarld.se/en/ ) where we spend a couple of days. Every year, I come home from the visit feeling so inspired. There is so much to be learned that is not taught or even understood by many magicians. I give you maybe the best 30 minutes of children´s entertainment (and the parents have a good time too!) in Sweden. There is a lot going on within this half hour: sing-along, charades, hilarious improv, multi-level jokes, competitions between children and adults, dancing, love and in the end a bit of "magic". It´s all in Swedish, but there is more to learn than what is being said.