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Topic: Fast and Loose << Chef Anton
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Aug 19, 2018 08:51AM)
I have been performing the Fast and Loose routine for several years.
I am still amazed and completely baffled by the Chef Anton routine.

The spectator has a free choice of either side, plus they decide if the side they have chosen is fast or loose, plus they can pull the chain themselves or have Chef Anton do it of course they guess wrong an incredible ending to the routine.

Can I buy this routine notes anywhere?
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Aug 19, 2018 01:26PM)
Think I have found the answer at

page 45 - the spectators choice climax

will purchase this to see!
Message: Posted by: licker98 (Aug 20, 2018 05:13AM)

That's where I got mine from