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Topic: Shadeshift by SansMinds Creative Lab
Message: Posted by: RodrigoGrando (Aug 20, 2018 01:44AM)
Shadeshift is the world’s most visual and instantaneous deck transformation. The magician can instantly transform the color of an entire deck of cards from blue to red! It’s incredible and has to be seen to be believed.

Not only that, but Shadeshift comes with a full routine where every card in the deck changes except the spectator’s selection.

This DVD contains the instructions needed to create the gimmicks necessary to perform Shadeshift. The gimmicks are easy to make and the instructions are very thorough. If you’re looking for a new Color Change to mess around with, Shadeshift is a great choice. Even better if you’re looking for a great effect to add to a longer routine.


Looks amazing!
Message: Posted by: Lseeyou (Aug 20, 2018 10:52AM)
Nice, it does look good!

thanks for the heads up
Message: Posted by: StarManager (Aug 20, 2018 07:16PM)
I have yet to get one of their effects that can be done for real people the way their highly edited videos look. Their endnote shows 120 degree performing angle and 15 minute DIY art project time. That means, in my experience, 2 hours of watching a babyvideo where I'm told scissors are sharp and not to poke my eye, with unbelievable drawn out demonstrations of how to glue a card to a magnet. In the end this looks like a "good one to one" with the exact right angles and no way to get into the thing except as an opener. I'll be quiet now and wait for two things before I buy this. #1 - two people who are not from Canada (where the manufacturer is) who say it is great and #2 someone posting a full and uncut performance of them doing this in the real world.
Message: Posted by: andrew124C41 (Sep 14, 2018 04:34PM)
StarManager....You made me laugh. As I have said previously, I suppose I was spoiled growing up in Manhattan in the 50 to be able to go to Tannens and see live demos of effects....the days of the sometime cryptic typewritten instructions :-) While disappointment occurred when I learned the secret, it was far rarer than today with video marketing.

However, somehow, I wanted to take a chance on this one so I picked it up.

I am in the process of gathering the parts for the gimmick.

From the very outset, I am not sure the gimmick will pass in closeup....we shall see.

When I have finished it, played around with it, and done the effect on someone, I will share my thoughts. I cannot fairly render an opinion yet.
Message: Posted by: StarManager (Sep 14, 2018 04:41PM)
Thanks andrew124C41 (IF that is your REAL name . . . )

I aim to entertain and Sansminds (which is literally French for Sans (Without) Minds . . . . ) never fails to deliver great material for me to riff on. I pray you do not superglue yourself to your table making the gimmick (and do tell us how long it took you to do that . . . ) and can't wait for your review which should say something like this: Gaff can be seen in close up. Took 2 hours to make. You need to be one on one to do it for one person. When done they are not impressed. LOL
Message: Posted by: andrew124C41 (Oct 27, 2018 10:20AM)
@StarManager. Andrew is indeed my first name although my Moniker is derived from a book written by my grandfather, Ralph124C41+ initially a 12 part serial that he wrote for his magazine, Modern Electrics beginning in 1911. Now retired, I am working on better defining and promoting his legacy. At the age of 66, I should hope that I have garnered enough French to know that the name of the company is actually, quite apt.

Unfortunately, the effect was reviewed by none other than our own David who often posts here, a bit late, but then again, he has a different opinion that I do. Here is what I wrote:

"David, shame on you. You usually give fair reviews. I cannot believe you actually built this gimmick yourself and believe that it can pass. Come on. Have you actually been successful pulling out the blue card deck..you know what I mean....it is not easy to grasp. I took great care in building it but the design is inherently awful. When you look at the video when he goes through the performance, you can clearly see it not to mention the fact that he is very sloppy, and that he flashes all the time.

I am kicking myself that I bothered with this. Frankly, I don't like Sans Minds because they are ripoff artists who utilize every trick in the book to make you think they have something special. I remember the awe I had as a youngster growing up in Manhattan when my grandmother would take me to Circle Magic and later to Tannens and watch demos. There was no video skullduggery. (That is no surprise I cannot believe I wasted my money on this.)

Sans Minds are even worse than the rest of the Chinese fraudsters that rip off our magician's effects and then sell them dirt cheap. Pure BS. I am never going to look at another Sans Minds video let alone purchase one of their effects.

What really ****es me off is that when I first saw how this was done by watching the gimmick build on the video, I had a feeling it would be worthless. I spent way too much of my precious time not to mention the money I wasted on everything. So, my advice. Don't watch their videos and certainly do not buy anything they create. Sans Minds kiss my ass."

Now, you asked how much time I spent on this. I honestly did not measure it. One of the problems is that I had only reusable double sided tape and I needed to re-do it. Another is that I did not have enough of a certain something that they had included, el*&*tic. There are many varieties of this stuff, some gets stretched out, some more visible than others. If I have given something away, Sans Minds can sue me lol. As David points out, the videos were done at night....and for good reason....they really had to work at hiding the gimmick.

If you have seen the trailer, you know the color change involves both the cards and the box. If you are familiar with their effect Unboxing (another waste of money in my opinion,) you have an idea how the box change is done. It is in the nature of the construction that in normal lighting you can see a certain shall we say, horizontal line and leave it at that.

I happened to have a lot of extra cards around to try and make it different ways, for instance using contact adhesive which I think works better...so I cannot really give you an honest time other than to say I probably put a day and a half into it in an attempt to get something workable.

Aside from the easy to see the gimmick, the box change is easy. It is the car change that I find difficult to do. In addition, if you show the empty box at the wrong angle, that would be a problem. If there is a better invisible el(*&tic that I do not know about that might be employed....but even then, I just think there are far to many other effects that win in the pocket space competitions....which is another matter....the gimmick, red deck, and blue deck if you want to do the entire effect. To be frank, I will probably just throw the whole thing away and not give it any more time to learn.

I build all sorts of things, electronics, lasers....as well as gimmicks and gaffs. I am not a novice albeit I am not a kid anymore.

If you have any specific questions, please PM me. Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news...just don't shoot the messenger....as of course, it is my personal opinion.
Message: Posted by: StarManager (Oct 27, 2018 10:28PM)
Message: Posted by: Bill08 (Dec 5, 2018 07:55PM)
Thought the color changed looked really good, especially considering the sheer area of color change, enhanced as the deck is removed quickly. But of course suspicious that it is one of those effects that use a !@#$*P. I think andrew124C41 confirms this with reference to the horizontal line. Hondo Chen could probably build it without this line.
In the spirit of interesting color changes, Nicholas Lawrence has something very good, a color-changing folded card,called "Evolve", probably much cleaner looking because the card is already folded, but expect a somewhat complex build.
Message: Posted by: Juno Temple (Jan 29, 2019 02:48PM)
StarManager - you should've been a surgeon! You may be right on about 'stooges' writing up to plug & boost sales, and I must agree that we would all love to see a real-time performance. If it were all so simple we wouldn't need to take out loans (lol) on so many tricks & effects, as I'm sure we've all dug deep into our pockets to get what appears to be a miracle and end up short to buy something of intrinsic value. Thank goodness for the Magic Café & surgeons!