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Topic: Richard Webster Berlin Seminar in October!
Message: Posted by: Goldini (Aug 23, 2018 03:41PM)
I'm not quite sure whether it is allowed to announce an event here. If not, I apologize in advance. But I'm so excited, I simply have to share this!

Anyway, John Reeves and I are two mentalism and psychic entertainment enthusiasts from Berlin, Germany. We're not professional event managers (although John successfully organized two Neil Scryer workshops in Berlin) but we're both huge fans of Richard Webster's, the world-famous mentalist from New Zealand. So imagine our joy when we asked Richard if he would come to Berlin to give a seminar - and he said YES!

The seminar is a two-day masterclass in psychic entertainment. It takes place in an elegant hotel on October 5th and 6th, 2018. So, if you're lucky enough to live in Europe, this is your chance to spend two full days with Richard Webster and learn from the master himself! But only if you act quickly, as the number of participants is strictly limited to 15 and the places are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis. Participation costs only 290 euros (about $330), but there's an early bird discount up until August 31st, so it's just 246,50 euros (about $280) until then.

You'll find a detailed curriculum on richardwebsterberlin.wordpress.com - this is also where you can book easily and safely. See you in Berlin! ;-)
Message: Posted by: gypsyfish (Aug 26, 2018 02:29AM)
Mr. Webster is the gold standard. It would be great to see this. One hopes it will be recorded for those of us unable to attend.
Message: Posted by: Goldini (Aug 27, 2018 05:54AM)
Yes, gypsyfish, I agree wholeheartedly. Richard Webster has been the single most important influence in the way I regard psychic entertainment, and I'm certainly not the only one. To many people, he is mainly connected with readings, of which he is the undisputed master. However, as most folks around here know, he was also one of the most prolific contributors to Bascom Jones' Magick. He has come up with some highly innovative concepts and effects, the newest of which he will show and teach in Berlin. Seminar places are selling quickly, and I'm happy to say that we already have some of Europe's top mentalists on board. I'm afraid that video footage, as of yet, is not planned.
Message: Posted by: Gumar Oz DuBar (Aug 29, 2018 06:03PM)
This is sure to be an amazing event. Anyone going is very lucky for this opportunity.
Message: Posted by: Tony Iacoviello (Sep 9, 2018 04:03AM)
I hope this is recorded and becomes available for those of us who cannot get there.
Message: Posted by: Smoking Camel (Sep 9, 2018 08:37AM)
Please please please record this. It would sell like hot cakes
Message: Posted by: boboswitch (Sep 9, 2018 08:59PM)
I concur with others who say that spending time learning from a legend is actually the chance of a lifetime. Richard Busch just held a Master Class last month. Since I already posted in "So Happy Together" about my "time with a legend" experience, I will just express my happiness and encouragement for those who are able to spend time with Richard Webster. The value of spending time with a master of his craft is incalculable.