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Topic: What hand?
Message: Posted by: ed wood (Aug 29, 2018 03:53PM)
Quick one here.
Who created the What Hand plot?
Message: Posted by: Last Laugh (Aug 29, 2018 04:39PM)
Well, it's been a child's game for much longer than a mentalism plot.

It was published in a Karl Fulves book (Self Working Mental Magic) in 1979. That's the earliest I know of, but it could well go back earlier.
Message: Posted by: Meng (Aug 29, 2018 05:37PM)
[i]'Your Nose Knows'[/i] by Stuart Robson published in Annemann's [i]'Sh-h-h--! it's a secret' (1934).[/i]

To quote Annemann: [i]"...the da*ndest thing I've ever heard of."[/i]
Message: Posted by: ed wood (Aug 30, 2018 05:57AM)
Never realised it went back so far, always thought it was quite a modern plot.
Message: Posted by: Jamie D (Aug 30, 2018 07:00AM)
The nose knows also talked about I believe in Banachekís psychological subtleties one. (Correct me if Iím wrong) Surprisingly works a good portion of the time. Definitely interesting to read it goes back that far.
Message: Posted by: Oscar999 (Aug 30, 2018 01:44PM)
You can watch a performance on TV, like Ellen or the Tonight Show, and when a magician/mentalist performs a "which hand" effect, the "nose knows" secret reveals the hand as well as any device the performer may be carrying. I see it all the time.

Message: Posted by: IAIN (Aug 30, 2018 01:53PM)
Though the history is long, I think it's safe to say it got popular amongst mentalists when derren did it...
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 17, 2018 04:58AM)
I have some work on this premise I'm going to include in an ebook I'm going to release this winter.

Of course, it will be completely propless, and will combine some non-lateral logic, my BOHT gambit in places and some other mental shenanigans.

Argh.... spending countless hours thinking about this plot, drawing flow charts and link diagrams, testing on strangers, friends, my 8yr. old twins, etc.... ALL, SO I CAN PRETEND TO DISCERN ONE OUT OF TWO POSSIBLE OOUTCOMES! (ok, more if you count weeding out "liars" from "truth-tellers", but still....)

A 50/50!

This is as much of a statement as a question, because I'm as enamored and fascinated by this plot as anyone: why?

As mentalists, by using our tools of "force it, fake it, fill it in, find it out, etc." we can predict or discern anything. Any place in the world, and name number or combination thereof. ANYTHING! But noooooo.... LEFT or RIGHT has us fascinated. I'm as guilty as anyone....

Why? Your thoughts would be most appreciated.....

(It is now 4am. Scout and Sarah, my K9 twins, got me up so they could go outside, and I felt compelled to post this before the human twins get up for school. Keurig time....)