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Topic: New Video
Message: Posted by: jason ladanye (Aug 31, 2018 03:25PM)
Here's a new video that features shuffle control, productions, and centers. Enjoy:

Message: Posted by: iamslow (Aug 31, 2018 04:24PM)

Message: Posted by: Taylor Haws (Sep 4, 2018 09:32PM)
Hey look, its the guy with the perfect bottom deal!!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: AMcD (Sep 4, 2018 10:22PM)
The world world expert!
Message: Posted by: Cagliostro (Sep 5, 2018 09:20AM)
I liked the last demonstration best. I think it shows incredible skill to be able to spread the deck face up briefly showing the cards are actually mixed randomly, and then do a pull-through shuffle and a couple of false cuts and end up producing 4 aces and having the deck in perfect order.

I did not know one could rearrange the deck in new deck order with a pull-through shuffle? :confused:

Now that is amazing and very impressive.

All joking aside. Nice demonstration, skillfully performed and enjoyable to watch.

Thanks for showing.