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Topic: Pellet test
Message: Posted by: Ubernutz (Sep 8, 2018 04:51PM)
Thoughts on Ted Karmilovich's 3 pellet test vs. Docc Hilords Devil's Pellet test? I'm very interested in adding a pellet test to my repertoire
Message: Posted by: j100taylor (Sep 8, 2018 06:46PM)
Both overpriced. Just read standard billet works.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Sep 9, 2018 08:04AM)
There is only one pellet test that has ever caught my attention and that's Mental Hat Pin by Dr. Jaks on pg 22 of PME. The pellet seems to be in view the whole time and the pin makes the effect look a bit bigger.
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Sep 9, 2018 10:03AM)
I loved the info in both of them, but they are each quite different in effect and method. Docc's work is more like a classic pellet test and involves the move you expect, while Ted's is a bit more impromptu and is a very different type of effect. Both of them are absolutely FULL of extremely valuable extra tips and subtleties to in increase the impact on spectators. If you are looking to emulate the basic style of the hatpin pellet effect in PME, then Docc's work won't disappoint. If you'd like a more casual, spur of the moment effect, Ted's fits the bill beautifully, but you really need to do all three phases to demonstrate the impossibility of it, and it involves a bold approach that some aren't comfortable with. I [i]thoroughly[/i] enjoyed both of them, and recommend both very highly...

Message: Posted by: Oscar999 (Sep 10, 2018 08:18AM)
I would agree that the Hilford pellet test, The Devil's Own Pellet Test (I believe is the title) is closer to standard pellet work. It's more in the lane of a classic pellet test. And, Docc's thinking and handling is worth the price of admission.

I was not as impressed with Ted K's Three Pellet Test. For one, it's not necessarily what you "think" when you think of a pellet test ... at least it wasn't for me. And quite frankly, unless you're very lucky (with some outcomes), it's rather transparent.

I'm sure Ted's effect plays well for others, but it has not for me ... unlike his Ten Card Miracle, which is just as bold, but plays very strong.

Message: Posted by: rowdymagi5 (Sep 10, 2018 08:49AM)
I agree with Oscar, well said.