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Topic: Transitioning from mouth to Filbert Pump
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Sep 25, 2018 03:34PM)
I've always blown up balloons by mouth. It's faster than a pump and gives more control. But I've been through some health issues and I'm now using my Filbert pump.

I've noticed that the Filbert blown balloons are different from mouth blown. I think it is the warm breath. Filbert pumped balloons seem much more tight and pop more easily even when I stretch the balloon before pumping and burp the balloon after.

Just curious if anyone else noticed this.
Message: Posted by: alergy (Sep 28, 2018 10:50AM)
Yes - This observation is also presemt with "normal" hand pumps

You are correct
Give the balloon a pre-stretch between your fingers, this will "activate" the latex, and minimise the tightness
Also you can give the inflated balloon another stretch to encourage malleability